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Appian, the global innovator in enterprise and cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) software. We deliver unique capabilities to customer by combining our proven expertise in BPM and with Appian, by improving how work gets done with our industry-leading innovations in social collaboration, enterprise mobility and portable on-premise/cloud computing.

Appian BPM Suite is one of the highest-scored products in Gartner evaluation, largely due to its core strengths as an iBPMS. BPM Suite provides a unified Web, XML and Java-based architecture inherently designed for the cloud and modern computing styles. Its support for mobility and social-media-style, collaborative user experience is better than that of any other vendor in this evaluation.

Case management frameworks built on BPM suites offer an alternative to specialty applications and custom coding to help solution architects and business process directors implement case management solutions. One of Appian's best capabilities for case management is its ability to support a broad range of case orchestration, from highly structured to highly unstructured flows.

Appian gives everything that customer need to drive better business decisions, actions and results. All the data, all the processes, all the documents and all the collaborations – in one environment, on any device, through a simple social interface. We can ensure the success of your BPM initiatives with a powerful tool like Appian BPM Suite.

Appian's industry leadership has been recognized by global IT analysis firms including Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ovum/Datamonitor and others. - See more at:

Our Appian BPM Practice Offerings and Solutions

Appian Project Implementation Process

We are a Global BPM Service Partner with Appian. We have certified, experienced and qualified Appian professionals with strong BPM capabilities for providing business solutions to our strategic customers. We have successfully delivered about 100+ person months projects globally, especially in Insurance and Banking sectors. As part of multi-pronged approach, our internal practices such as Usability, Enterprise Architecture and Integration, Testing etc..., with in organization are engaged to enhance BPM delivery services by providing specialized skills and expertise.

Mphasis Hybrid Agile Methodology with Appian’s STAR

Appian Project Implementation Process

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We use Appian BPM Suite and its products like Social/Cloud/Mobile BPM to provide business solutions in modern enterprises. The success of Appian BPM and emerging technologies helped especially in core sectors like Insurance and Banking sectors to reap the following benefits to the customers:

  • Discover and unite enterprise data into a single searchable environment so your employees get a comprehensive picture of the business.
  • Enable your employees to connect with each other, partners and customers through social and collaborative engagement in the context of business operations.
  • Drive efficiency and accountability in business actions through the leading BPM platform to execute business processes, enforce rules, capture process metrics and ensure all actions taken by users are in accordance with the policies and procedures of your organization.

Key Customer Focus Areas - Appian BPM

Appian Project Implementation Process

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