Intalio has a global reputation for having built the most complete Business Process Management Solution. Intalio BPMS is a tightly integrated, open source and easy-to-adopt platform. The solution supports BPMN, BPEL, BPEL4People, WS-* specifications, XML Schema, Xpath, XSLT and XForms.

Intalio BPM Designer: An open-source integrated development environment built on top of “Eclipse”, designs process models and user interfaces (built in Tibco GI editor).

Intalio BPM Server: An open-source BPM process execution environment built with Java technology, is responsible for executing the designed process models. Java container hosted application servers, such as Tomcat, are required to deploy this module.

Axis Web Service Framework: The Java standards framework for web services, uses SOAP protocol for web service communication.

The Mphasis Advantage

Mphasis is Intalio's Platinum Partner, bringing Intalio BPMS capabilities to processes. Our rich experience in successfullly developing client on-boarding solutions across industries has enabled us to build our own Accelerated On-boarding Platform (AccelOn) for financial institutions worldwide. AccelOn is our proprietary solution for accelerated on-boarding of institutional clients.

BPMS Server Global Architecture

Our Intalio Solution - AccelOn (Advisor On-boarding)

AccelOn uses an integrated suite of components that includes dashboards and rich data to capture screens across business functions. Facilitating a robust client on-boarding process, AccelOn is easily configurable and customizable to specific requirements, enriching customer experience. The solution's real-time transparency with streamlined acceleration helps build customer trust and is AccelOn's key advantage. The features include:

  • Focus on reuse and configuration of existing framework components
  • Potential to extend platform to other processes in the future
  • Implementation of “single instance data entry” principle, promoting data reuse
  • Availability of objective operational metrics for resource analysis
  • Actual operational data captured and reported at task, process and team levels
  • SLA compliance data configured and reported at various levels of granularity
  • Optimal reuse of existing assets to minimize cost and time-to-market
  • Minimal customization of existing AccelOn functionality to meet specific customer requirements
  • Reusable pre-built AccelOn features and a configurable generic task constructs across multiple processes, unless customization is required for customer business. The approach is to minimize customizations on common components unless required for your business.
  • Integrates with various applications in your ecosystem
  • Management of enterprise data in an optimal manner
  • End-to-end on-boarding solution provider for financial institutions
  • Real time visibility - including SLA compliance – into end-to-end on-boarding process at various levels of detail
  • Reduced on-boarding time and error rates due to 'split' process flows and one-time data entry
  • Integrated use of imaged documents and checklists
  • Configurable and rule-based (rather than development) implementation, usable across LOBs, geographies and products within a financial institution