Business Process Management for changing environment

Robust Business Process Management (BPM) aligns and automates business processes for greater effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility and capability to adapt to conditions in a changing environment. Today, it is of utmost importance to streamline business processes, reduce IT expenses and improve business execution to adapt in an increasingly challenged global economy. Organizations invest heavily to ensure technology systems and architecture meet business needs with speed and efficiency.

An effective and comprehensive BPM solution holistically addresses issues with current processes, communication and information availability in a organization. BPM solutions sustain and direct the organization towards being trusted as an 'On-Demand Enterprise'. A robust BPM solution can deliver extremely progressive outcomes, such as,

  • Reduction in the process cost
  • Increase in quality, and reduction in the number of errors
  • Reduction in process throughput times
  • Reduction in training time/expenses
  • Reduction in number of customer complaints
  • Improvement in forecast accuracy

Our BPM Practice

We possess extensive industry expertise in delivering process transformations, strategic changes and overall enterprise technology integration for BPM solutions. Our BPM footprint is braced by over 215 professionals with rich competencies in driving BPM solutions for clients worldwide and a flexible engagement model tailored to client needs with best shore and global delivery capabilities. We are an end-to-end IT Services one-stop shop for current market needs.

Our Services include:

  • Greenfield implementations and customizations which include application, setting up processes, products, technology transformation and business requirement changes
  • Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for a smooth decision making process in choosing the right BPM technology
  • Application maintenance and support to ensure that application systems are flexible and meet ever-changing business needs of the organization
  • Business process improvements that help in migrating and improving existing processes for productive results
  • BPM implementation through the effective use of best practices, holistic consideration of all operations and change-needs in client organization and optimal alignment of IT and client business objectives through the best use of technology.
  • Business Value Analysis (BVA) and RoI assessments
  • Assistance in the product evaluation and selection processes to ensure that system purchases are pragmatic, supported by facts and based on requirements
  • Business process analysis and modeling at the organization level with a detailed workflow aimed at improving existing processes
  • Vendor selection services to ensure that client needs are met with products aligned to their distinctive process requirements

In addition, we are harnessing our potential for cloud computing SaaS IT applications that allow affordability and accessibility for business organizations. We are also exploring BPM Mobile solutions for real-time access to business processes from remote locations.

Our BPM Landscape

The Business Process Management Landscape
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Our BPM Fact Sheet

  • Successful completion of 300+ person years of BPM projects since 2006
  • Strong architecture skill sets with rich expertise and hands-on experience, deep business domain knowledge and a large global pool of over 215+ resources, across levels: business analysts, architects, technology leaders, development resources
  • A BPM knowledge repository with a knowledge-base of new developments, frameworks, best practices, periodic basic/ advanced training programs, coaching, certifications and expert connect through a monthly/quarterly meeting with BPM architects / process analysts and cross application participation (White papers, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Successful development of an extensible framework for the HR on-boarding process
  • A vendor agnostic approach to solution development
  • A committed BPM Center of Excellence (CoE) encouraging innovation and delivering value to customers and associates. The CoE focuses on building internal competencies, and designing and developing solutions to address challenges specific to industry or technology domain

Our BPM Technology Products

BPM Technology Products

Our BPM practice has built expertise in most products occupying the leader's quadrant. We strongly focus on developing appropriate skills and building frameworks to reduce project implementation cycles. We encourage cross-pollination of ideas across implementations. Our broad BPM solution supports all iterative stages of the BPM lifecycle by offering tools/technologies to identify, define, model, reproduce, deploy, execute, monitor, analyze and optimize your business processes.

We work with BPM tools such as Pega PRPC, Intalio, ALBPM (Feugo), MetaStorm, Singularity, Newgen, TIBCO iProcess and IBM WPS.