Enabling a complete customer experience with Salesforce.com

In today's economy where commoditization has stripped away differentiation across organizations, customers have become more demanding than ever before. The need for organizations to acquire, manage, serve, and add value to their customers while improving operational efficiency and cutting bottom line costs has increased significantly over the last few years.

Aligning organizational strategies with a customer centric mind-set is the way to drive growth in the future. But how can organizations turn customer centric? How does an organization adopt a pragmatic yet agile delivery approach, while implementing the latest technology solutions? Alongside, how does it ensure growth and efficiency within the social enterprise?

Sound Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as part of a wider Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy, has to be the cornerstone of this paradigm shift. It can help organizations optimize their operations by re-aligning processes to be truly customer centric and ensuring a personalized 360 degree view of relevant and predictive information to the right people at the right time, thus enhancing not only the direct top line growth but also brand awareness, company sentiment and loyalty.

Mphasis in Customer Experience Services

Mphasis delivers Salesforce® CRM and CEM solutions through Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud in addition to custom Platform as a Service (PaaS) applications that provide the foundation for sustainable growth and increased success.

We couple our Salesforce® solutions with a wide variety of services, ranging from integration with enterprise portals and development of custom mobile solutions, to enabling insightful decision-making using our Information Convergence and Analytics (IC&A) solutions.

Customer Experience Services

Services Portfolio

Mphasis' in-depth processes and application knowledge combined with best practices enable us to offer Salesforce® services including consultancy, implementation and support.

Services Portfolio

Our services portfolio is implemented across a range of technology solutions that ensure quick wins for our clients along with faster ROI to support their long term goals. Mphasis' services span the four pillars, namely customer strategy, implementation, delivery and complete industry managed services.

These are supplemented by our accelerated services, designed to help our clients extract the highest return on their investment on the Salesforce® application, and our proven System Integration (SI) services.

Salesforce® Center of Excellence

Mphasis established a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)to deliver state-of-the-art solutions across our Salesforce portfolio.

Our CoE spans our core client engagement locations in North America and UK backed by our delivery locations based across India. Through this global model, we ensure that we deliver the most relevant, efficient and optimal experience to our customers.

Salesforce Center of Excellence

Salesforce® Differentiated Accelerators

Mphasis accelerators are used in our client engagements to help deliver repeatable success at a reduced cost. Our focus is on gaining the maximum ROI for your Salesforce® application by reducing the time to deliver and increasing the effectiveness of the delivery.

A highlight of some of our packaged accelerator services include:

Salesforce® Health Check

Over time, many Salesforce® implementations can suffer from issues. Complexity in delivery can lead to a lack of clarity in the application and the value that it should bring. Implementations also often become bulky and over customized, leading to poor performance and user experience for the application users, coupled with increasingly complex development efforts and costs.

Mphasis has developed its Salesforce® Health Check service offering to help companies assess their current applications, create transparency across the implementation, increase effectiveness and manageability by bringing back these applications to a more “vanilla” state supported with best practice configuration.

Our process oriented 'water proof solution' can assess aspects of a Salesforce® implementation, from high level gaps in the Salesforce® implementation through to the performance and quality of the technical implementation. Mphasis Health Check services ensure an optimized quality, high ROI and overall success of the Salesforce® CRM and PaaS implementation.


  • Performance improvement

    Full review of coding in light of potential governor limits issues, test coverage scenarios and DML statements in a loop

    Adherence to coding standards and best practices for scalability and performance

  • Application security

    Detailed security review of configuration and code: XSS SOSL/SQL vulnerability

  • User adoption

    Application usage analysis by area, user and license value

  • Data quality issues

    High usage areas, growth and data integrity

  • Application privacy and data segregation analysis

CRM Migration Repeatable Best Practices

Our Salesforce® migration methodology combines accelerators with pre-built templates that Mphasis has developed to facilitate successful and efficient Salesforce® migration projects. Through the use of the framework, clients have benefited on an average with up to a 20% decrease in costs and time to implement a migration project onto Salesforce®.

The key aspects of the migration framework are:

  • Accelerates reviewing of existing CRM installations with tools to analyze the current process implementations and data models
  • Re-uses and extends pre-built standard templates to migrate data from source to target Salesforce® object model
  • Manages the implementation through appropriate delivery models
CRM Migration

Agile Delivery Factory

Mphasis believes that an agile delivery approach is key to a successful and engaging Salesforce® implementation. We also believe that this methodology approach should not be a constraint to an offshore and near shore delivery model. We have the expertise in making agile delivery work for Salesforce® implementations through a blended resource model enabling the best of both resource and delivery methodologies.

Through our agile consultancy services we offer:

  • Executive and advisory workshops to familiarize with the process and realize the benefit of moving to the agile methodology
  • Trainings and coaching to all stakeholders within the program to ensure that the agile methodology is understood and successful
  • Complete Salesforce® agile implementations, delivered through a best shore approach

Mphasis Agile Development Environment(MadE)

Mphasis has developed a Force.com® application that tracks the full agile project lifecycle to ensure that the visibility of the project delivery can happen real-time.

The features of these applications are as below:

  • Tracks the agile sprint cycles real-time
  • Aligns business and technology needs
  • Identifies and fixes defects earlier due to enhanced transparency
  • Improves quality of deliverables significantly while reducing cost