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Great forces are at work in the world of IT today. Apps and infrastructure are converging. Siloed approaches to technology no longer work. Cyber threats grow bolder with each passing day. Customers accustomed to smartphone apps, instant access, and intuitive dashboards among their daily products demand better from their business IT infrastructure. And with all of this, budgets are strained to the breaking point.

At Mphasis, we understand this changing dynamic better than anyone. We've been helping customers worldwide navigate and leap the hurdles involved in the digital revolution. With that experience behind us, we've put together a suite of solutions that can help you jump into the new world of faster, better-connected, agile and integrated digital solutions. These solutions include automation, analytics, and a platform-driven infrastructure customized for your business. Best of all, it's a pay-as-you-go model to make it affordable.

Digital Technology Operations Brochure
Our Digital Technology Operations portfolio offers:
  • Agility that is in accord with your customer experience management
  • Performance and resilience to meet business demands in volatile environments, thus ensuring business continuity
  • Convergence and scalability that strike the right balance between legacy as well as next generation technologies
  • Security to withstand cyberattacks

Digital Technology Operations Suite

Mphasis Digital Technology Operations offer an unparalleled solution suite designed to address all the needs of the hybrid IT-infrastructure.

  • DigiOps (InfraGenie): An intelligent automation platform predicts incidents, reduces manual intervention, automates most activities and yes, saves you money in the process
  • Digi Hybrid Cloud Services: An end-to-end, enterprise hybrid cloud solution helps transform client to cloud with a scalable multi cloud management platform
  • Digi End User Services: Achieve more with less by integrating the various infrastructure resources and reducing the deployment times.
  • Digi DevOps: A set of comprehensive solutions to build, orchestrate and automate your digital infrastructure
  • Digi Secure Services: A single window solution to thwart targeted, advanced and persistent external attacks
  • Core Infrastructure Services: With expertise in build, run and transformation assignments across industries and domains, we provide you 360° partnership with a relentless focus on customer value.

With these solutions, you can serve customers more efficiently, reduce costs, and streamline your operations. Learn more about each solution, and find out how it can transform your business' technology from the inside-out.

The Mphasis Difference

Mphasis offers a trusted partner with the talent, skills, and experience to focus on your core objectives and insist that they meet your satisfaction.

At Mphasis, we...

  • Commit up to 35% total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction through automation and innovation
  • Complete 500+ critical changes every week, and have had a near-zero defect rate over las twelve quarters
  • Offer a library of more than 750 production-ready automation objects - showcasing our focus on pervasive R&D
  • Deliver unprecedented operational excellence and business continuity
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