Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for optimization of business processes with increased performance

Transacting in a business ecosystem can be complex and costly with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) continuing to be the dominant standard in B2B. Gaps between disparate systems, data formats and communication protocols affects efficiency levels. A successful EDI implementation provides visibility into core business operations that enables optimization of business processes with increased performance and strong return on investment. Mphasis facilitates just that.

We have solid expertise in the following EDI technologies

  • IBM Sterling Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)/SI Integrator
  • GXS Application Integrator, Inovis (now part of GXS)
  • OmniTrans, ECMap, Sterling Map Editor

Our EDI practice offers:

  • EDI Consulting, Development, Implementation, and Managed Operations
  • EDI Migrations
  • EDI Testing, Production Support and Maintenance
  • Platform Upgrade

The Mphasis Advantage

We have strong experience in a variety of EDI tools along with industry knowledge and industry specific experience. Our expertise transcends technology to offer consulting in EDI implementation, managing trading partners and B2B Business Intelligence.