Our new value added tools and accelerators

Mphasis Oracle Tools and Accelerators

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Enhance your Experience

Mphasis CoE has built specific Tools that bring about a great deal of automation and simplicity in the Oracle systems. From integration to monitoring there is scope for saving costs and enabling automation that will ensure enhanced experience with the applications. Following are some of the tool to leverage:

Integration Templates

  • Easy to configure: Facilitates defining specific business rules for that cycle
  • Simple integration in 15 days
  • Highly reusable and generic templates

Monitoring Tools

  • Automated monitoring of batch jobs
  • Trigger notification to super user in case of job failure
  • Significantly reduces manual intervention unless there is a need

Increased Efficiency

Mphasis Oracle services always aim for ensuring that your operations are more productive and efficient. ‘Non-value add’ activities are eliminated while the value add tasks are carried out in a much better manner. Following are some of the tool and accelerators to leverage…

C2 Tool

  • Identify the customization in the PeopleSoft system
  • Leveraged in upgrade
  • Helps in estimating the timelines for retrofitting the customizations

Migration and Supplier Scripts

  • Procedure to create suppliers, sites and contacts through interface tables
  • Creation of Accounts Payables Invoices through Payables Open Interface Import
  • Model for all Payables Import Requirements
  • Procedure to create customers, addresses and contacts through interface tables

SQL Generator

  • 90% automation of scripting process reduces manual efforts
  • User friendly tool with simple configuration to generate and execute scripts
  • No migration required as the tool can migrate data in PROD

Comply and reduce risk

While we ensure your experience is better than before, you will be able to ensure compliance with reduced risk from various elements. The Data masking and the access control tools control the risk and ensure compliance.

Data Masking Tool

  • Faster environment spawning with reduced efforts
  • Ability to mask user defined fields
  • Ensure confidentiality of sensitive company and personnel data