Effective Credit Risk Solution to Reduce NPAs

Solution Overview

In a bank-based economy, sound health of the banking system is an imperative for efficient financial intermediation in the context of overall development and financial stability. The Indian banking system, has suffered growing impairment of asset quality, in the post-economic crisis period

Non-performing assets are key concerns for banking assets in India, and is the best indicator for health of the banking Industry.

To better manage high NPA / stress asset situation, banks require comprehensive Early Warning Framework which will help identify problem loans early enough by using predefined triggers covering structured and unstructured data sources much before an account turns into SMA-0 (Special Mentioned Accounts – 0)

Mphasis EWS

Mphasis is excited to bring market comprehensive Credit – Risk solution called Early Warning System to Reduce NPA.

The EWS solution is aligned to RBI guidelines on SMA (Special Mention Accounts) reporting covering Identification, Reporting, Preparation and Action (JLF and CAP planning). EWS solution has trigger library covering 150+ triggers covering 360 degree view of customer (Financial benchmark, customer behavior, account service, compliance check, project finance, stock and Book debt analysis) covering structured data ( from CBS, Data-warehouse, Loan system) & Unstructured Data (Internet, Social networking sites, news feeds, Field officer inspection reports).

EWS(Banking Solution)

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EWS(Banking Solution)

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  • Comprehensive real time Dashboard for Executive management covering entire advance portfolio of bank
  • Aligned to RBI reporting and action planning guidelines for SMA accounts
  • Strengthen credit sanction process by providing additional data insights of the account over period of time
  • Leveraging field officers knowledge to build account intelligence which can be used in credit appraisal
  • Real time updates without manual intervention
  • Customer 360 Degree view - Financial benchmark, customer behavior, account service, compliance check, project finance, stock and Book debt analysis
  • Industry benchmark for scoring – Extensive scoring pattern
  • Weighted scoring of triggers thereby customizing in line with bank’s requirements