Enterprise Content Management

Most of the enterprises receive and share information through multiple channels such as web, mails, fax, user collaboration, physical documents, etc. It is critical for businesses to manage this plethora of information efficiently so that required information is readily available to designated audience at the right time through a suitable medium. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables enterprises to manage content in cost-effective manner while meeting regulatory compliance needs and promoting content reuse.

Mphasis ECM Center of Excellence specializes in consulting, architecting and implementing content management solutions using various leading products across varied industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, etc. Our ECM COE consists of a strong community of professionals with functional, domain and technical expertise.

Our ECM service offerings cover various facets of content management such as:

  • Web Content Management (WCM):WCM manages the input, partial assembly, staging, maintenance and delivery of textual and graphic content for the primary purpose of disseminating information via the Web.
  • Document Management (DM):DM manages the complete life cycle of documents that includes collaborative authoring, check-in/checkout, versioning, annotations, workflow, archival and indexing.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): DAM manages the life cycle of large collections of digital assets such as photographic images, graphics, brand logos, compound documents and rich media such as video and audio. It includes support for thumbnails, and has the ability to provide a large number of output formats for delivery across different communication channels such as the Web, CD-ROM and print for a single asset.
  • Records Management (RM): RM manages long-term document archives by going through each document's full life cycle, including the systematic destruction of documents at the end of specified dates.

We have implemented multiple ECM solutions for more than a decade using market leading products such as Documentum, Interwoven, SharePoint, Vignette, FatWire, Stellent, Alfresco, Open Text, Day Communiqu, FileNet, Tridion. We have successfully executed various Greenfield projects in ECM domain along with migrations. Mphasis leverages its rich experience in this domain through continuous refinement of implementation methodologies and best practices.

Our Content Management frameworks include:

  • MframE Content Migration Framework: The MframE Content Migration framework is our offering to migrate content, virtually from any content management tool to any content management product. The framework employs a loosely coupled ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) based infrastructure to migrate content while applying business mapping rules during migration. The framework is designed for scalability, high throughput and reporting capabilities at various stages of migration.
  • Alfresco Migration Service: We offer a proven migration strategy for moving CMS application and content from commercial and expensive content management products to open source content management tool, Alfresco.