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As a nerve center of any intelligent organization, a data center drives the company's agility and operational efficiency. Considering its importance, organizations invest in considering various strategies to arrive at an optimal model that could either be distributed or consolidated. With advanced technologies and sustainable practices, 'Green IT' is now considered a cornerstone of a meaningful and optimal strategy.

Mphasis enables smart data centers for organizations helping them adopt the optimal Data center strategy for world class operations. Our capabilities include:

  • Server Services Management
  • Database, Middleware, and Applications Management
  • Storage/BUR Management
  • Capacity Reporting and Planning
  • Enterprise Monitoring

Our team of 2,000+ trained resources drive financial, environmental and social gains for over 70 global clients while

  • 40,000+ servers (unix/wintel)
  • 22,000+ database instances
  • 18,000+ middleware instances
  • 50+ petabytes of storage

Our Services

Mphasis Data Center Services

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Assessment and planning services: We have the expertise for defining the data center strategy, assessing the facility and planning for disaster recovery. Due to the mounting significance of sustainability and green data center demands, we build strategies that help organizations achieve strong energy efficiencies.

Consolidation, relocation and virtualization: We provide end-to-end servicing, which include, logistics, consolidation and relocation. Our partnerships allow us to provide data center solutions as well as handle your hosting and co-location requirements.

Monitoring and management: We provide monitoring and management services over and above the standard dashboards provided by datacenter providers. Our onsite management; including rack and stack and smart hands held us address your needs in totality.

Asset disposition services: As servers age and you plan for replacement, retiring hardware, we provide all the necessary services including site-wipe, physical removal of assets for the transition to be seamless.