Customizing for best efficiencies and costs

Cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service, Virtualization (networks, servers, desktops, etc.): these are the trends to adopt for a new tomorrow. Organizations worldwide are finding it difficult to meet challenges posed by new technologies and trends. Our offering, Mphasis' Managed Maintenance Services (M3S), helps address these challenges and transform for a new tomorrow.

Our Analytics Engine, the core of this service, determines the residual value of each asset. Residual value combines both historical trends and multiple current feeds on the value of assets in the secondary market. This not only helps to know the current residual value but also predicts the future residual value of each asset over time, thereby empowering the insight on how to leverage assets to fund transformation.

Our solutions within the M3S offering help leverage services such as maintenance contract management, asset disposition services, trade-in-credits and more

The Mphasis Advantage

As an integrated IT Services provider, we are well equipped to assist organizations to in their transformation journey in a phased manner. Our services are structured to free organizations from the mundane aspects of managing IT setup and allow focusing on the business needs.

We believe in providing value over the complete IT asset lifecycle ranging from procurement to asset disposition.

Our maintenance and sparing solution offers coverage for the organization's IT assets while factoring in the needs on uptime guarantees and budgets. Our solutions help save up to 30% of the annual maintenance costs.

Mphasis Managed Maintenance Services (M3S)

Our newly launched offering - M3S - is unique and designed to minimize efforts and investments in managing the current asset inventory, thus paving the way for technologies of the future.

An illustration of the various phases of Mphasis Managed Maintenance Services

The M3S Phases

Equipment Management

This process covers overall maintenance, sparing and replacement. Our remote monitoring and management services include auto-discovery of assets and comprehensive remote monitoring as a service, which help us to advise about each item in the inventory.

Hardware annual maintenance contracts are costly. The first step towards transformation is therefore freeing up this annual expense in the IT budget. We address this at multiple levels:

  • Reduction of overhead of managing multiple vendor contracts: We can be the single point for all maintenance contracts at the required SLAs.
  • Reassessing maintenance contracts: Through an intelligent replacement and sparing strategy, it can reduce the annual maintenance contracts on equipments. M3S gets pre-configured, ready-to-plug in devices; hence, are signing up for mean time to repair (MTTR).

Planning for Transformation

The first step in the process of transforming is to assess which current assets are reusable in the new environment. These assets cover the complete range: those that are near end-of-life to those that have acquired recently. Transformation is always over time. Our solution addresses all the variables: what/when/how.

End of Life

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) define this term. We can help stretch the utility of devices; whether they are end-of-life or end-of-service. The intent is to give flexibility in the transformation plan. We take on the onus of servicing equipments and covering them under the sparing strategy to provide flexibility on time.


Assets that have reached the end of their utility are often packed off to the warehouse. We help monetize these assets to fuel the transformation. Our Analytics Engine assists us in understanding the residual value, enabling us to provide the highest possible returns on assets.

Asset Disposition

We offer the complete spectrum of services required for this, starting with decommissioning/uninstalling to site wipe, data destruction, e-cycling and turnkey logistics.

The M3S Advantages

These are the M3S advantages:

  • Overall contract management on your behalf
  • Hardware maintenance savings at an excess of 30%
  • Coverage of most vendor products unlike specific products by some of the other players
  • Multi-generation support including both end of service (EoS) and end of life (EoL)
  • Advanced replacement options (onsite, within four hours, next business day, etc.)
  • Certified technicians
  • Global technical support