Patch Management

Mphasis Server Patching

Servers and PCs that are not up to date on patches are potential vulnerabilities to organizations. Security vulnerabilities are independent of operating systems. Servers operating “open source software is normally at a risk longer than comparable Windows-based systems.The process of patch management needs to be addressed holistically. This poses a challenge to organizations as patches are not released in any pre-planned process. As a result, basis the number of servers, it can load the IT staff of organizations throwing all plans awry.

Patch management needs:

  • Resources with a wide variety of skill sets across heterogeneous environments.
  • Patch implementation process can be either ad-hoc or on demand – either way it presents peaks & troughs in terms of work volumes, which needs to be managed.
  • Business service availability: As an enabler of business, it is essential to track performance, integrity and business activity on the IT infrastructure. MOATIS facilitates this.
  • Need for skilled staff to manage toolsets. Automation is essential for large scale enterprises.

All this presents an unwanted diversion of the IT staff of organizations.

Mphasis presents solutions to elevate the challenges faced.

We provide value to your organization across two primary levers:

  • Minimize risk to your organization by:
    1.Presenting on-demand / daily security status reports of your environment
    2.Enhancing reliability by administering Mphasis factory model for patching

  • Reducing overall cost of patching through our:
    1.Automation library
    2.Integrated patching toolsets
    3.Workforce on demand to meet the troughs and crests of patching process!

Mphasis' Intellectual Property and Engineering teams have the experience and depth to recommend expert patch strategies. Our Application Development and Infrastructure Tooling SMEs ensure that supporting technology and tools are up to date and are being leveraged to the full extent possible.