Mphasis Mobile Testing

Companies as part of their enterprise mobility adoption are rapidly building and deploying applications. Mobility Testing must be continuous, repeatable and must validate companies' choice of selection of the product or services.

Mphasis offers you complete end-to-end mobile testing solutions. Our alliances with HP and other vendors will help to validate your application on real devices.

Mobility Testing Offerings

  • Real Device testing
  • Mobile Functional testing
  • Mobile User Interface testing
  • Mobile Usability testing
  • Mobile Compatibility testing
  • Mobile Performance testing
  • Mobile Security testing


  • Mphasis Mobility Testing as a Service(mTaaS)
  • Mphasis Mobility Automation
  • Mphasis Mobility Performance testing
  • Mphasis Mobile Security Solution

Mphasis Mobility Testing as a Service (mTaaS)

The rapid pace of change in mobile technology is creating challenges, seeking fast and cost-effective mobility testing solutions. With tools in varying levels of maturity and largely supporting specific platforms, it requires a framework based approach that provides reusability of test cases across multiple platforms. An increasing area of concern is mobile security with more and more applications being accessed and made available through mobile.

mTaaS solutions have three components: Automation, Security and Performance

  • Framework that supports HP+ Perfecto tools on a cloud based solution as well the framework developed with Selenium for testing of mobile applications.
  • Security testing includes developing a framework with threat profile test cases that can be tested against industry standards like OWASP's top 10, PCIDSS, for vulnerabilities in mobile applications. The framework comprises tools, test cases and reporting templates.
  • Performance testing of mobile applications (on device using HP LoadRunner as well as using cloud solutions).

Mphasis Mobility Testing  as a Service (mTaaS)

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Mphasis Mobility Automation

The rapid pace of changing mobile landscape technology is creating challenges for customers to maintain the quality of application across platforms, operating system, screen sizes, manage and mitigate security risks and sustain the application performance. Automation plays an important role in achieving time-to-market edge and maintaining quality of mobile applications.

Automation framework for Mobility is part of the mTaaS* solution framework providing below benefits

  • Mphasis Automation Framework is Enterprise ready, agnostic to any device and platform and supports scenario driven approach for testing mobile applications (native, hybrid)
  • Cross platform/browser testing capability
  • Supports testing on physical devices, private and public cloud options
  • Re-usable Test Automation for faster turn around and higher test coverage across mobile devices/platforms
  • Jump start your automation projects with ready to use enterprise HP tools/licenses and access to HP partnership

*mTaaS is Mphasis Testing as a service.

The Mphasis Advantage

  • Seamless integration with Mobile Cloud
  • Parallel execution across devices
  • Uniform quality across all platforms (devices)
  • Built in High fault tolerance feature and hassle free script maintenance
  • Includes HP ALM integration, leverage your existing tools and is device agnostic in its approach. It can leverage your existing tools, test artifacts and reporting into the framework

Mphasis Mobility Performance Testing

Mobile Performance testing is part of mTaaS solution frame work provides offering

  • End-to-end Performance testing for Mobile applications
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Build client dedicated Performance Testing Center of Excellence for Mobility
  • Mobile Performance Test consulting

Our Integrated service framework advantages includes

  • Cloud based solution provide access to real network across the globe, integration of multiple tools and frameworks
  • Provides ALM extension
  • Provides device specific vitals in addition to load scenarios
  • Our network virtualization solution allows real-world load and capacity testing
  • Supports accurate simulation of users - any geographical locations
  • Provides bandwidth utilization per transaction summary
  • Virtualized network conditions - unlimited points of presence

Mphasis Mobility Security Testing

The need for Mobile Security Testing has increased. According to HP Cyber risk Report 2012 last five years have seen around 800% percent increase in mobile application vulnerability disclosures, with novel technologies, such as near field communications (NFC), introducing previously unseen vulnerability types. It is important for mobile application to comply with regulatory standards across the multiple platforms and operating systems.

Our Mobile Security Testing services include:

  • Mobile Applications Security Testing - Gray box testing
  • Mobile Applications Security Code Review- White box testing
  • Mobile Applications Secure SDLC Program

The Mphasis Advantage

  • Availability of 150+ reusable security test scenarios in Banking, Mcommerce and IT for native platforms including - Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows
  • Comprehensive and advanced testing procedure - State of the art mobile technology test infrastructure allows for the most up to date security analysis covering 50+ platform and domain specific threats
  • Reduced time-to-market - Our automated approach minimizes execution time and human errors. Around 40% of white box test cases automated using automation
  • Get all your Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry applications tested under a single program
  • Test Until You Are Certified - Covers the Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP) Mobile Top 10 Risks and provides a holistic framework to assess mobile applications