Testing Service Offerings

Mphasis Testing Services portfolio

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Testing Outsourcing

  • Optimize costs by offshore or near-shore resourcing
  • Upfront commitment on YoY productivity gains
  • Global, common testing methodology
  • Ensure metrics-driven consistent testing results and measure efficiencies
  • Enterprise-wide tools standardization and reduced licensing costs
  • KPI driven, efficient and effective
  • Develop the right global model with appropriate local responsibilities
  • Scalable Core-Flex Resource Model

Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE)

Through our strategic assets (People, Process and technology), we will help you to minimize the production support cost and maximize the ROI.

Testing Lifecycle Activity

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Value Additions:

  • 24X7 automation execution without manual intervention
  • Defect Removal Efficiency 97% and above
  • Implementation of early defect detection through requirement inspection and static testing
  • Transformation initiatives for standardization of processes, tools, test effectiveness and test efficiency
  • Reusable test components developed as part of every project, as a standard practice, leading to 15%-30% savings in subsequent projects
  • Test process improvements in test estimations, automation, test case optimization, test management resulted in faster time to market.

Strategic Test Consulting & Assessment

  • Quality Assurance Audit
  • Gap analysis to identify improvement opportunities
  • Assessment of current QA and Testing Practices
  • Audit Test Artifacts & Processes: Questionnaires, interviews and reviewing sample documentation
  • Consolidation of test capabilities, assets, processes, tools, infrastructure
  • Assessment of automation framework and toolsets, comparison to industry standards
  • Roadmap & Implementation Plan
  • Develop high-level recommendations with short, medium and long -term targets

Specialized Testing

  • Test Data Management
    • Achieve operational efficiency and cost savings by standardizing Test Data Management processes
    • Ensure quality of service through better Test Data Quality that is scalable, repeatable and current
    • Adherence to Data Privacy and Compliance
    • Improved time to market solutions
  • Service Virtualization
    • Business Value Assessment & Proof of Concept
    • Constraints analysis in SOA Testing Activity
    • Joint Collaboration in Solution & Service Delivery
    • Development & Support across CA/ HP product lines
    • Requirement based Engagement models – CAPEX, OPEX, Hosted (Pay per Use), SV Testing as a COE model
    • Governance of Virtualized Components Library
  • Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Testing

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  • Security Testing offerings
    • Validates OWASP Top 10 threats
    • 50+ Threat Profile
    • 150+ Comprehensive Test Cases
    • Gray Box Testing
    • White Box Testing
    • Risk Analysis & Reporting
  • Performance Testing offerings
    • Device-specific vitals
    • Network Virtualization
    • Cloud-based solution
    • Test for multiple geographies
    • Supports various devices & N/W types
  • Functional Testing
    • Our proprietary Risk Testing Integration Model is based on our experience in risk-based testing. By effective use of this model early in the Software Development Life Cycle, we have successfully identified several application-specific as well as business process specific defects early in the cycle in manual and automated testing models
  • Test Automation
    • We bring in significant automation experience in Open source and commercial testing tools;
    • Modular and reusable Frameworks
    • Scenario-based automation
    • On-demand Testing
    • Next-Gen Scheduling
    • High fault tolerance

Mphasis Testing Services

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  • Salient Features
    • Accelerated script development
    • On-demand Testing
    • Scenario-based automation
    • Modular and reusable framework components
    • Hassel-free test scrip maintenance
    • Scheduling and customizable reporting
    • Send Test Results to ALM
  • Business Benefits
    • Script/test cases development effort reduced up to 60-80% compared to the traditional test automation approach
    • Test scenarios maintenance reduced by up to 40%
    • Reduced dependency on tool-specific resources
    • Complete test coverage, more stable application
  • MSAFE- Mphasis Selenium Automation Framework offers a wide range of automation testing capabilities with following features.
      Hybrid Model based with capabilities of
    • Data Driven Testing
    • Module Based Approach Test framework can be plugged into xUnit or TestNG
    • Ease of Test Execution
    • Error and Exception Handling
  • MTAPE- Mphasis Test Automation Platform for Enterprise is based on HP tool suite and offers following features
    • Hybrid Model based following capabilities
      • Scenario Driven
      • Data Driven
      • Modular
    • On Demand Testing
      • Sanity, Smoke, Integration, Regression etc.
    • On Demand Testing
      • Scenarios
      • Scripted components (Modules)
      • Utilities
  • MSTF - Mphasis Services Testing Framework provides world class Services test offerings to maintain Quality and Stability while not breaking your budget. It covers Functional, Interoperability, Data transformation, Orchestration, Governance and Performance testing
    • Our solutions is agnostic to any Services Testing tool device and platform
    • Our Code Free framework develops & execute Services Test cases much faster
    • Leverages the capability of tools and alliances to complement the solution

    Both the frameworks offer unparalleled advantage with respect to reusability, ease of use and maintenance and reporting features.

Framework features

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Testing as a Service (mTaaS)

Unlike other traditional model, Mphasis offers mobile application testing through catalogue service model characterized by "Pay as you go" model. Key features include:

  • Provides predictability on cost at the start of the service
  • Flexibility to customer to select the service as per their requirement
  • Faster time-to-market solutions
  • Platform and device agnostic solution aligned to your strategy and testing lifecycle
  • Automation framework based on Industry leading tools to accommodate re-use and guarantee optimum time-to-market
  • Modular testing framework and faster script development to offer up to 50% reduction in test case development
  • Reusable testing frameworks to continuously evaluate new tools and technologies and reduce effort and cost
  • Best-in-class processes and consistent benchmarking against industry standards to drive quality
  • Unique service models for different customer requirements that provide an option of bundling tools, devices and resources as a part of the service model
  • Provide 'pay for usage' model that combines resources and tools into a pure operational based model through mTaaS

Mobile Application Testing

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