Our Brand

"Unleash the Next" represents our aspiration and commitment to business that drives the next wave of capabilities and services, integrating technology with business while grooming specialized talent to deliver a symbiotic success model. Our positioning statement is timeless, open ended and is applicable for our offerings, employees, customers and the community at large.

Our journey of transformation began three years back. We embarked on "Hyper-specialization" (chosen verticals such as Banking, Capital Markets & Insurance and prioritizing our investments) alongside growing the Direct Business. We defined solutions that cut across both the service lines of Apps and BPO – thereby helping our customers to deliver better business outcomes. We acquired forward looking IP in the space of Infrastructure Management and created model for matured and emerging Geos. Our revenue growth from the Direct Business and high quality pipeline over the years vindicated our initiative.

In 2012, we further sharpened our focus by select customer wrap structuring and solution wrap structuring such as Mobility, Wearable Computing, Customer Insight Management, High Performance Skin, Data and Advanced Analytics. We acquired assets and IP led solutions vide key strategic acquisitions (like Wyde and Digital Risk). This led to very high customer intensity and consistent growth in the top accounts.

Our specialized Go-To-Market strategy, introduced in 2012, involved significant investments in Sales & Marketing and building partnerships in chosen solution segments – which formed the backbone for meeting varying customer requirements.

The new business order will be dominated by ever encompassing Digital eco-system. We are now transforming ourselves based on new age digital offerings, business transaction-as-a service, eco-system of co-created IP and team of co-creators.

To meet these dynamic changes all around, we felt the trigger for a new brand identity. We are strategically geared to meet the demands of this new paradigm and achieve business success with our robust Go-To-Market strategy and our new brand elements, which are in line with our new identity.

Mphasis is leading the dialogue to help both service providers and customers define a new approach to business in today’s asymmetrical world and set a benchmark for the industry in future.


To foster a "culture of experimentation and co-creation", Mphasis has encouraged formation of "cartups". Cartups are startups within the company which would need to adhere to ethical and accounting processes of the company. Mphasis has spun out a venture and invested $10Mn for development of solutions. The Cart-up can use Mphasis go-to-market engine to sell their solutions. The company has a differentiated compensation structure, including a deferred cash bonus program to reward employees.

Currently, the Cart-up has 20 employees that includes data scientists and experts in artificial intelligence. One product 'HyperGraf is already out from our first Cart-up and the second one is soon to follow