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In the current scenario, competition for acquiring and retaining institutional client business has grown intensely faster. Banking and Capital Markets players want comprehensive applications with more control on the on-boarding process to ensure greater visibility across businesses, compliance with SLAs, reduced errors and higher client satisfaction.

Every minute of delay in bringing the client on board leads to revenue leakage, possible client dissatisfaction and a potential increase in the operational risk. The on-boarding experience could be the client's first and last impression. A dissatisfied client at this stage is likely to carry those memories long into the relationship. Mphasis provides the solution for all these challenges that each industry faces.

The Accelon Solution

AccelOn, the Institutional Client On-boarding Solution is designed to handle best practices in institutional client on-boarding operations. AccelOn builds upon our multi-business and multi-region perspective to provide a centralized oversight mechanism while delivering business and region specific process customization. This solution is built on an industry standard workflow tool to:

  • Facilitate the configuration of business rules
  • Generate the compliance checklists specific to each client profile
  • Implement the Maker-Checker rule to provide flexibility while ensuring compliance
  • Provide an enterprise-wide, region level and business level view of the client on-boarding process through a pictorial representation
  • Provide an audit trail and take safeguard measures against service level complexities

All this translates into a faster GTM crucial to demonstrate the benefits within the short time frame.

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AccelOn Investor On-boarding Platform

As funds being invested and managed by Wealth Managers witness a steady growth; advisors, dealers and product manufacturers find that fees and commissions are under pressure due to regulatory oversight and competitive markets. Regulators have started ensuring that their advice satisfies the needs of the investor. They also check whether the fees and commissions earned are linked to the proper advice and un-bundled from the products. The market has realized the fact that the investor experience across products is not consistent as they have to subscribe to various products based on complex investment advice. Wealth managers are therefore merging on-boarding across products into a single operations team. The market is looking for an excellent solution for the investor on-boarding process which minimizes the on-boarding time by realizing the desired compliance and SLAs.

The re-work involved in processing on-boarding requests leads to increased TAT, additional efforts, increased costs, issues in compliance and customer dissatisfaction. The re-work results from incorrect or missing documents, incorrect or missing form data, risk profile vs. products mismatch, process inconsistency, technology issues or compliance issues such as those related to advisor licensing.

Our Solutions

Our AccelOn Investor on-boarding platform provides real-time and multi-level visibility into every on-boarding request. AccelOn process orchestration offers the parallel processing of activities and service level configuration, to meet the requirements of more than one client. Single point data capture and re-use features of this platform reduce the number of tasks for advisors. Our platform allows you to:

  • Generate configurable SLAs that trigger proactive communication to advisors and clients on pre-defined events
  • Create configurable document checklists that facilitate effortless collection of documents from the investor
  • Reuse existing client documents
  • Capture operational metrics effectively which help in process optimization through meaningful reviews

AccelOn Investor On-boarding Platform is designed to tailor your business into a more profitable venture. Our resources have been constantly delivering successful stories for our customers with their experience and technical proficiency in this sector. AccelOn is customizable to provide a unique and personalized solution as per your requirement. Overall, we help you to:

  • Reduce on-boarding costs
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Enhance cross-sell/up-sell opportunities by achieving profit gain

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The Mphasis Advantage

Mphasis provides an end-to-end solution for the institutional client on-boarding process. At the same time, we provide customized versions of this solution for each business activity as per process requirements. Over the years, we have derived deep insights into business processes and customer needs in this sector. Our high-tech solution helps you to increase operational efficiency and overall profitability, thus allowing you to achieve prolonged growth.