Application Modernization for better functionality, flexibility, and economy

Operating at best costs throws up innumerable challenges. Improving the business value of the company's critical application assets without compromising business support is a prudent way of keeping costs low. In this effort companies are faced with key concerns.

  • You are unsure of your IT spend supports strategically important business initiatives.
  • Your total cost of ownership for maintenance keeps soaring year after year.
  • You are concerned of losing the benefit of all legacy knowledge and investment should you have to develop it all over again.
  • Your systems are rigid and tedious to change in order to align with your dynamic business drivers.
  • Your applications are too difficult to maintain and sub-optimal in processing.

Mphasis' Applications Modernization Services (AMod) migrates legacy applications from aging environments to modern application platforms (for example, Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS). The service has brought rich outcomes in reducing legacy fixed costs and redirecting IT budget allocation to fund strategic high value development initiatives that support growth

We leverage industry and domain expertise, applications knowledge, and strategic planning capabilities to quickly and efficiently move legacy applications to modern platforms that provide more functionality, flexibility, and better economy. The result is an architecture that aligns with client's business, operations and budget to support business growth strategy.

We employ the following modernization strategies to enable execution through the modernization journey.

modernization strategies


modernization tools


Define the path - Using our applications rationalization services, we conduct an applications portfolio assessment to determine the strategic value of applications based on client's business, functional, technical and financial quality. We create a modernization road map that recommends modernization strategies for each application. We develop a business case to support the modernization journey.

Manage the journey - We establish a modernization program that executes the modernization strategies as applications projects in a series of phases designed to create cost savings early that will fund subsequent phases.

Mitigate the risk - As we plan the transition to a modern agile state, business transformation is carefully managed. Modernized applications are deployed to operations, mitigating any risk to business continuity.

Achieve agility - At the completion of the modernization journey, we have reduced the cost of IT to business and achieved a level of flexibility that enables the business to respond to changes in the marketplace and allocate a larger percentage of the IT budget to strategic growth initiatives

The Mphasis Advantage

Mphasis deploys a repeatable approach for modernization which is also flexible to allow choice of elective strategies suiting different business needs. Mphasis' expertise in modernization is focused on mitigating project and operational risk during modernization. The strategy aims at reducing the overall cost of ownership through preserving the value of legacy systems, yet promoting its flexibility and integration, leveraging technology and business innovation.

  • Innovative Delivery Solutions
  • Assures Continuous Operations
  • Business Case & Road Map
  • On-Time, On-Budget Delivery
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Integration Expertise
  • Industry & IT Resources

Customer Speak

The Mphasis team has performed at a high level and could be counted on to deliver. They were a bright spot.

Client Program Manager

The Mphasis team have stepped into a failing project and have performed with excellence. I wish I could have engaged this team originally instead of falling behind.

Client Project Manager

Were it not for Mphasis we would most likely be shutting this project down now.

Client Technical Manager

Your attention to detail, flexibility and responsiveness have all contributed greatly to the successful data migration. You have taken a very critical and substantial portion of the implementation and delivered it flawlessly. Excellent work that is much appreciated by both client and HP leadership!

Client Project Manager