Build Your Business with Our Personalized Asset Management Solutions

The world of asset management is seeing exciting times. Emergence of new economies, specialized asset classes and new strategies are broadening the horizon of opportunities for an astute asset manager. The ability to comply with ever increasing regulations and the need to keep the lion's share of the customer's wallet have emerged as important factors for asset management organizations.

Our Capabilities

Our solutions and services enable asset management organizations to navigate through large transformation initiatives to meet market challenges. We work with more than twenty marquee asset management organizations across geographies that help them to:

  • Build best-in-class fund distribution portals
  • Address underlying system issues to ensure accurate real-time data for decision support systems
  • Create a scalable system catering to current operations and new geographies
  • Develop customized external application interfaces for clients, payment and transfers, exchanges, brokers, regulators and data vendors
  • Implement and enhance a third-party securities lending platform

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The Mphasis Advantage

We provide end-to-end business solutions and support all processes in the asset management industry. With a powerful combination of domain experts and techno-functional consultants, we help you to:

  • Gain steady profit by controlling the cost
  • Reduce risk by providing security for data and complying to market regulations
  • Increase efficiency through automation of industry standard processes
  • Have better front office, middle office and back office application user interfaces