Business Process Services (BPS) for business outcomes

The business environment has become rather turbulent, a dramatic change from the optimistic, growth centric sentiments of the 2000’s. Regulators have become active; customers' expectations are changing and they are expressing it loud; Technology is disrupting traditional business models; International trade and markets are choppy. Demand for transformation is clubbed with little or no patience to wait for the change.

How does one innovate / adopt the new at break-neck speed while improving efficiency? Team work and partnership is the way to succeed. The need is for skill to stitch Technology, Domain & Industrialized processes to achieve business objectives & meet customer expectations rather than obscure measures & sterile metrics. Mphasis has redefined the way success is measured. What we value is not Average Handle Time but Client Onboarding Satisfaction; not number of FTEs on shift but number of documents accurately remediated. And thus we deliver not Business Process Outsourcing but Business Process Services.

Mphasis partners with organizations to provide end-to-end business process services to transform businesses through a combination of technology and operations. We industrialize processes while innovating and transform interactions to digital while retaining the human touch. We recognize the fact that while complexity has increased many fold, the fundamental business drivers remain the same: continued focus on cost containment while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to delight customers.

Reach out to us for specialized Banking and insurance services in Risk & Compliance, Mortgage, Wealth and Brokerage Group Benefits, P&C including Small and Medium Commercial and lender placed insurance. We also provide industry specific back office services for Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance.