September 20, 2017

Liberty Global Tech Summit 2017

Liberty Global Tech Summit 2017
Date: September 20, 2017
Location:Ziggo Dome
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The new reality of enjoying connected entertainment anytime, anywhere, on any device is redefining how we live, work and play - making our lives more fluid than ever before.

This vendor summit provides opportunity for power networking, inspirational talks and engaging discussions on how Liberty Global and its partners are delivering better experiences to our customers in today's world of fluid living.

Mphasis X2C2TM Front to Back Transformation approach is focused on enabling seamless customer experiences by driving innovations that are fast, intelligent and hyperpersonalised, thus enabling Fluid living. Visit us at our booth to find out how these innovations have impacted Telecom Customers.

Mphasis is also doing a session on: Gamified DevOps for enterprise wide adoption

Large enterprises have seen DevOps success in pockets; enterprise wide adoption is still a challenge. We have developed (and are using) the ideas for how the DevOps efforts can be gamified to accelerate the adoption in an enterprise. The session would focus on

  • Gamified Enterprise DevOps - The building blocks
  • Game "mechanics" and "dynamics"
  • Rewards and incentives for Motivation and Engagement
  • Putting it together - the architecture
  • Adoption Experience & Measuring Success
  • For details of the event, please visit:Swati Toshniwal

    July 24 - 26, 2017

    WFE and Imperial College's Technology Conference

    WFE and Imperial College's Technology Conference
    Date: July 24 - 26, 2017
    Location:Imperial College Business School
    Imperial College London
    South Kensington Campus
    London SW7 2AZ
    United Kingdom
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    This conference gathers CTO's, CISO's, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Digital Officers from exchanges and CCP’s around the world to explore disruptive technology and the innovation that is occurring in the financial services industry around it.

    Aparajita Ajit (Aps), Vice President Strategic Account at Mphasis has been invited as a panelist for session on

    Panel Session - IT as Enabler or Investment?

    Aps manages some of the top strategic account across Banking and financial services for Mphasis and is focused on helping design and deploy customer-centric digital solutions for her clients.

    The panel will explore how we should be looking at technology - should the investment be about maximising efficiency in markets as the primary focus or is it about picking the best investment and maximize returns. Everyone in the industry operates businesses that are heavily tech dependent - exchanges & CCP's have traditionally thought of tech as an enabler but is that still the right approach? Should exchanges & CCP's, many of whom have inhouse venture funds now that focus on technology, think about the value creation piece in a different way as they seek to maximize their significant tech ROI

    For details of the event, please visit:

    For more information, contact: Swati Toshniwal