Leverage Our Experience to Improve
Quality and Reduce Costs

The most alluring product in the financial market for the retail customer today is the credit card. With increasing consumer demands, ever-changing market dynamics and exponential growth in competition, it is no longer enough to understand customer needs and provide for them. To gain a true competitive advantage, retain profitable customers and attract new ones, card providers must deliver a superior customer experience.

The industry is facing challenges on multiple fronts:

Revenue Pressure

  • Intense competition due to a saturated market with lower conversion rates
  • Increasing number of customers paying balance within the grace period
  • Regulation interference that has reduced both interest and fee revenue

Cost Pressure

  • Cost of compliance used to be a small line item in profit and loss statement. However, this has become a cause of worry for most issuing banks.
  • Fluctuating origination volumes during the customer acquisition phase have a significant impact on the cost of the customer acquired.

Portfolio Quality

  • Increasing default and charge off rates
  • Fraud and dispute

Our Credit Card Solution Offerings

Platform Based Offering in Customer Acquisition

Our Credit Card Solution offering helps to improve the quality of card operations while reducing:

  • Costs of compliance
  • Cost per customer serviced and acquired
  • Loss per card
  • Effort required to collect

At the same time, the solution also improves operational efficiency.

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Default Management Solutions

Customer Experience Score-Led Collection Solution

Our vast experience in handling credit card collection call centers has helped many top credit card issuers improve their collection rate. This is due to our differentiated approach towards collection and our ability to focus on customer experience. Delivering a high customer experience score is one of the key reasons for our success.

Moving Write-off Rates from Write-off Rates

Increasing write-off rates especially due to fraud and disputes not only impacts an issuer's margins but impacts the customer as well as the merchant experience index. Our solution enables issuers to move provisions toward a write-off from the variable to the fixed model and at the same time improves experience scores.

The Mphasis Advantage

We have gained deep experience in card operations by partnering with leading firms and have over 1000+ trained and experienced resources running card operations. By leveraging their industry-best credit card technology, we have launched a comprehensive "Credit Card Solution" that delivers credit card operations on our alliance partner's platform in a seamless and cost effective manner.