We Empower Tomorrow's Banks and Their Corporate Customers

The days of vanilla banking are back again. Traditional products have re-established their popularity in the market and the new age banker wants to sell more of these uncomplicated, low-risk products through new age channels. Large corporate clients prefer simpler structures with a high touch and higher levels of transparency while regulators feel more comfortable with exposure in easily recognizable product lines. Returns are important but less risk, somehow, has won the day.

As large corporate banks re-calibrate and shift gears to settle down to these new realities, shareholders continue to demand high returns and it is critical for banks to be able to sustain the northbound trend in the revenue line on charts.

Our Capabilities

Our expertise with working with large corporate banks has helped us develop the below capabilities:

  • Design and implement Client 360° View and electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)
  • Build a Central Risk Data Warehouse and web-based application to manage exposures in real time
  • Deploy the Accelerated Client Accelon Solution (AccelOn®)
  • Build cutting edge mobile payment solutions for SME businesses and facilitate replacement of POS terminals
  • Design Payment Messaging Hub across multiple geographies involving country specific rules and real-time messaging
  • Implement, maintain and support strategic the core banking system BAU

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The Mphasis Advantage

We work with 15 corporate banking clients across the US, EMEA and APAC regions. This list includes both Fortune 20 as well as other large banks. We have expertise in:

  • Customer Self Service Channels (Web/Mobile)
  • CRM and multichannel integration
  • Core banking
  • Customer support
  • Payment services
  • Risk management and reporting
  • Regulatory compliance

Our expertise, coupled with our excellent delivery organization, has helped organizations meet not only their near term challenges but also position themselves better for the long run.