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Automation has been a challenge in the area of processing corporate actions. An automated system for corporate actions helps market participants to implement their trading strategies and provide timely investment advice to clients. Although, market participants recognize these advantages, they face dynamic challenges such as:

  • Existence of different technology platforms
  • Multiple and different information sources
  • Different terminologies in markets
  • Varied processing scenarios

Our Alliance with XSP

We at Mphasis understand these challenges and believe in dealing with them candidly, courageously and with integrity. We have partnered with XSP to develop a next generation solution to automate and reduce the cost of processing in this area. Our association with XSP provides state-of-the-art technology that helps you to manage each and every critical step in the lifecycle of corporate actions.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions for processing corporate actions that enable you to accelerate your growth strategies, business models and results. Our solutions for corporate actions provide unique features such as:

  • Collation of market data relating to income on securitized assets held
  • Interpretation of information into a notification
  • Outturn allocation and distribution of the corporate action in the form of stock or cash
  • Increased clarity and predictability across the entire corporate actions event management process
  • Effective control from data capture to settlement, enabling effective position monitoring

The Mphasis Advantage

Our unique and personalized solutions provide cost-effective operations that eliminate manual processes, efficient use of back office resources and response to challenging business and technology needs offers the below benefits to organizations:

  • A one stop solution across various lines of business with centralized data-center implementation
  • Lowered risk exposure through real-time identification of exceptions and workflow based resolution of errors
  • Better exception management and management of growing volumes