Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our Technology Solutions

Perhaps the biggest impact of the credit crisis has been on the business of Custody and Prime. Some of these challenges include:

  • Rising costs
  • Lackluster performance of equities
  • The persistent southbound trend in hedge funds
  • Increased regulations
  • An ever-increasing demand for transparency

All of these seemed to converge at one point, altering the business landscape in a way not imagined in the heydays of 2007.

Custody and Prime businesses have responded and stood up to the challenge. Whether it is penetrating new geographies or churning the delivery engine to get leaner, new strategies and newer options are being adopted to be less US centric. Needless to say, these changes have ushered in a need for large-scale technology transformation and review of operational cost effectiveness.

Our Capabilities

We have helped Custody and Prime clients in:

  • Enhancing prime brokerage business offerings through VaR-based cross-product margining and enhancements to securities financing/lending capabilities
  • Building core billing engine to effectively track trades executed at brokers and commission pay off
  • Reducing trade failures through the effective capture of client static data via a robust Client On-Boarding system
  • Designing and implementing trade reporting systems for internal (MIS) as well as regulatory purposes
  • Building a strategic collateral management platform for aggregation of global collateral

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The Mphasis Advantage

We have long-standing relationships with some of the largest Custodians and Prime brokers of the world, delivering efficient technology solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Our association with some of the largest 'Buy' side players of the world has also helped us fine-tune our offerings to Custody clients to suit the needs of their end clients.