Seamless methods to migrate homogeneous or heterogeneous data or database with near zero downtime

Mphasis DE offers Database Migration and Upgrade services for the following scenarios:

  • Database Migration as part of data center migration, database version migrations / upgrades
  • Seamless Data Migration / Seamless Database migrations ( near zero downtime) for large size and critical database which can be down for longer time.
  • Database / Database Server consolidation and Virtualization
  • Data Migration (Homogenous and Heterogeneous for Application Modernizations)
  • Data / Database migrations ( Homogenous and Heterogeneous ) for application re-architecture, Application Modernization and application database upgrades ( for e.g. . data migration for ERP application like Oracle eBusiness suite from version 10.x to 12.x )
  • For data re-host and replace scenarios

Data Migration Activities:

  • Data Migration - analyze, design, develop, test and execute Data Migrations for various Data source and destination combinations; with replication if required
  • Data Verification testing, Cutover Planning and Cutover.
  • Replication - install, monitor, maintain, performance tune Data Replication configurations using GoldenGate, Oracle Streams and other preferred tools.

Case Studies

Mphasis DE team architected the solution and executed migration of 11TB Oracle databases pertaining critical business systems from AU to NZ data center for a leading Telecom Company in APAC. The migration was done seamlessly (with very minimal downtime) by deploying Oracle GoldenGate
Solution-ed and executed migration of 20 TB BRM application database from BRM version 6.5 to 7.4 for a telecom company in APAC. Oracle GoldenGate was deployed
Oracle database up gradation was done in seamless way for major airlines in the US by deploying GoldenGate
Migrated 1 TB of data from mainframe DB2 database to Oracle database for a major telecom company in APAC. The migration was done using native database load / unloads scripts.

The Mphasis Advantage

  • Proven Data Migration Framework and Process
  • Standard Data Validation/Reconciliation Process
  • Cross-DBMS/platform migration
  • Design & execution of seamless / minimal downtime Migrations for large volume and Business Critical Applications
  • Well documented processes, lessons learned, best practices and knowledge base
  • Tools
    Oracle - Golden Gate, Streams, Data Guard, SQL developer data migration assistant
    Microsoft-SSIS, SSMA, Replication
    Sybase Replication Server
    IBM - Data Stage, Migration Work bench
    Informatica / Talend
    Native unload/load utilities and scripts