• Drive Faster Growth
    ComPASS Solutions Suite
    Transforms P&C and Group Benefits Carrier's Business

  • Enhance Customer Centricity
    Mphasis partners with clients in their Digital Transformation Journey
    Digital partner of choice for 2 of the top 10 insurers

  • Increase Customer profitability
    NextGen Business Process Services
    RPA, Analytics and Optimization Tools

Enabling the Digital Insurer

Transformation is the key to a successful Digital future in Insurance. Mphasis is ready to help you totally redefine your Business models with our innovative suite of products, technology and services; designed specifically with your future in mind, as we help you "Unleash the Next".

Insurance customers have expectations shaped by their own next best digital experiences through interaction with companies like Amazon and Uber. Meeting these expectations of choice, convenience, control, customized experience and cost, is both a challenge as well as an opportunity for carriers to recognize rewards across revenue growth, margin improvement, customer centricity and retention.

However, there are strong challenges - a traditional culture of risk-averseness, dynamic regulatory frameworks and intense competition. Plus, improvements to legacy operations and IT need to be delivered securely and cost effectively. Complete Transformation, not just continuous improvement, is the need of the hour.

Mphasis helps insurers design and deliver this transformation through its 'Front-to-Back Transformation' framework enabled by its proprietary X2C2 TM methodology (shift anything to cloud and power everything with cognitive).

This consulting and design framework, supported by Insurance specific cloud and cognitive solutions, re-usable assets and “test-learn-scale” agile delivery model is enabling Mphasis to deliver transformation faster, lower risk and achieve enhanced business outcomes across.

  • Efficiency - Driven by end-to-end automation (RPA, DPA), Straight Through Processing and a comprehensive policy administration system
  • Intelligent Assistance - Enabled by Interactive virtual agents, next generation underwriting workplace and cognitive information processing balance technical discipline and growth
  • Immersive Experience - Powered by Zero UI technologies (Alexa, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), IoT, blockchain), driven by cognitive insights and data analytics

Business Value Delivered

  • Efficiency leading to 50% reduction in cost and up to 90% reduction in turnaround time
  • Enhanced intelligent assistance leading to significant increase in NPS scores and releasing capacity for complex engagements. Happy customers
  • Immersive Experiences driven by cognitive insights, have a potential to double product density, enhance retention rate and more

Apps Value Pyramid

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Mphasis Advantages

  • Digital partner of choice for 2 of top 10 P&C insurers
  • Over 3,100 dedicated insurance team professionals
  • Insurance team members are LOMA, CPCU, and C-II certified
  • Team members have an average of over 25 years of experience working for Life & Annuity and Property & Casualty insurance carriers


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