MphasiS-BFL record earnings of $64.3 million - The Financial Express, April 13, 2001

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MphasiS-BFL has reported revenues of $ 64.3, million for the current fiscal year ended March 31 st 2001.

This represents an increase of 82 per cent dyer last year's revenues of $3 5.4 million.

EBITDA at $6.49 million is 10.1 per cent of revenues for the current year, as compared to a negative 0.41 million for the previous year, Current quarter revenues of 18.1 million representing 76 per cent growth over the same quarter last year and a 5 per cent growth over the previous quarter this year.

EBITDA for the current quarter is $2.96 million, as compared to a negative $1.36 million in the same i quarter last year.

All the above figures are on a US : Generally Agreed Accounting : Practices (GAAP) consolidated basis and are proforma audited according to a company press release.