MphasiS BPO profiled by MSN, India

Mphasis BPO

Customer Inter@ction Solutions’ Annual Survey and Ranking of Rising Stars recently ranked Mphasis BFL as the No. 1 player for 2004. This survey ranks the fastest growing Teleservices companies, and Mphasis BPO was rated the top player in both the ‘Percentage Growth’ and ‘Net Minutes Gained’ categories.

This is another feather in the cap for the company, which was rated by Credit Lyonnais SA as the best Indian BPO player in March 2003. As an added bonus, Forrester says that the company is on a par with international giants like Deloitte, IBM, and PwC in overseas outsourcing.

All this is a result of the company’s diversified focus. For example, while companies are harping on India’s edge in English, Mphasis BPO has a facility in Tijuana, Mexico, which provides Spanish language solutions. This unique capability in foreign languages should give Mphasis BPO an edge over its competitors.

Even with regard to the traditional bread-and-butter BPO offerings, Mphasis BPO has some rare features. For example, the company has a point of presence in both UK and the US, and this ensures faster solution rollout thanks to keener integration with the client’s operations.

To ensure that client’s tasks are handled under all circumstances, Mphasis BPO has built-in reliability at all levels. Almost everything has a duplicate, ranging from twin power supplies to dual communication links, and this ensures that operations are rarely bought to a halt. The usage of self-healing networks, STM (Synchronous Transfer Mode) rings, and SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking) loops enhance the reliability considerably.

Another area of focus is security—increasingly, international companies are very wary about how well their confidential information is handled. Mphasis BPO is one of the first Indian companies to be BS 7799 Part 2: 2002 certified. The company has an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is based on 127 controls, and these are sub-divided into various categories like management controls, operational controls, and technical controls. To ensure strict adherence, Ernst and Young and STQC audited the ISMS.

Mphasis BPO also concentrates on Continuity of Business (CoB), ensuring that clients do not lose business opportunities and revenue because of problems relating to power outages, data loss, etc. The BCP (Business Continuity Plan), which is in compliance with BS-7799 Part 2: 2002 standards, has three levels of redundancy. Operations are also divided between two centers in Bangalore and Pune, and this ensures that even in the worst of circumstances—like, for example, disruption of power to the southern electrical grid—will not hamper work, because the other center can carry on unhindered. These BCPs are also client-specific, and can be tailored by different clients to suit their own unique needs.

Mphasis BPO, which has an ISO 9001:2000 certification, is working towards a Six Sigma, and since the demands of Six Sigma are exceedingly harsh, the company has strengthened its processes considerably to ensure better control and predictability. To drive sustained business improvements, Six Sigma Black Belt teams analyze identified opportunities provided to them by the business analysis teams on a regular basis. In the future, the added credibility of Six Sigma will no doubt help Mphasis BPO to offer better solutions to its clients, besides winning it greater accolades.