A camp for having fun
Prajavani, July 17, 2008
By Dhanyaprasad B G

Children had fun painting, drawing, playing basketball, cricket and did whatever they pleased without any restrictions and that too without any teacher supervising them.

"We can dance, sing, play and not be bothered about any objections here", said Prashant.

Mphasis organised this fun camp for the employees' children at their office campus in Bagmane Technological Park for children between the ages of 4 - 14. This was to just give the children a feeling of freedom and relaxation where they didn't have any school, homework, tuition, test, punishment etc.

The families of the security, housekeeping and company drivers attended the camp and there were around 85 children present. Parthiban a driver said that this camp was a relaxation for them and away from the stress of work, family etc.

Sheikh Islam of the Security said it is a nice outing for the children and we enjoyed it. Meera from the Jelly Bean Education Center was of the opinion that such camps helps to improve mental, educational, physical well being of the children. There was basket ball, football, cricket, frog hopping, musical chairs, painting, running, singing, dancing, etc organised for the children.

Jeyakumar, the CEO of the company also participated in the event.