Techies go rural; teach computers, English
October 29, 2008, Indian Express
BANGALORE: Talent of Nagesh and Laxmi, studying in fifth standard in Government Lower Primary School in Halagevaderahalli, could have gone unnoticed unless for the effort of a team of software engineers from MphasiS, a company of the Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

The school in Halagevaderahalli, a non-descript small village in Bangalore (Rural), has around 70 students of which 23 are studying in fifth and sixth standards.

Nagesh and Laxmi are two among them, who are very quick in learning computers and maths. Earlier they were never exposed to computers nor they were taught the intricacies of maths.

Once the team of volunteers from MphasiS introduced them to the computers, maths, communicative English and general knowledge their curiosity doubled and their talent as quick learners and their ability in application of their knowledge also exposed.

“We are sure there are many more such talents in the school and we hope they would be brought to light in the days to come,” hoped Ganapathi Devappa, the Delivery Manager in MphasiS, who has initiated the school teaching activity at the behest of his Chief Executive Officer Jeya Kumar As a part of the Community Service Responsibility initiative in Bangalore the Applications Section of the Human Resources team in MphasiS has taken up teaching these subjects to the children studying in fifth and sixth standards in Halagevaderahalli.

There are 10 volunteers in the MphasiS team. They spend their weekends in the school teaching the four subjects to the children. “Presently we are taking our own computers to the school. Soon our company will provide them computers,” he added. They also use different visual aids to teach maths and communicative English.

In the beginning the team of software engineers approached the school hesitantly.

But the response from both the teachers and the students was good. After preliminary consultations the volunteers planned their timetable so that each subject is taught at least for three hours in a week. MphasiS had also given cricket kit, other sports materials to the students.