MphasiS-BFL Starts Dedicated Development Centre For e-SIM of Israel

Mumbai, June 27: MphasiS-BFL, an Interactive Architect with Quality Capacity, has established EDC - a Dedicated Development Centre for e-SIM of Israel in India. The Development Centre provides advanced simulation capability for wireless and electronic product design as well as Web-based solutions to the consumer electronics industry using e-SIM's RapidPLUS advanced web-based simulation technology. The establishment of this Centre will enable MphasiS-BFL to foray into the area of e-content development and is also the Company's first contract in the Israeli market space.

The EDC will provide e-SIM "Live Product" simulations, "Live Manuals" for eManuals and CD versions of the simulations. MphasiS-BFL also plans to set up a dedicated link from India to the US for the EDC in the future. EDC will simplify the workflow from pre-processing, package element production and package integration to testing and placement on site.

"We are pleased to be working with a world class organization like MphasiS-BFL," commented e-SIM Chairman and CEO Marc Belzberg. "As we pass the one year mark of our agreement we look forward to increased cooperation between our companies, particularly in the area of simulation creation capability," Belzberg added.

" We are excited about this project since this gives us an opportunity to enter the e-content development area and the relatively untapped Israeli market which we believe has tremendous potential. Technically, this gives the team an opportunity to build reusable components and frameworks, which can reduce development times and can be shared across the organisation. We expect to increase the team size at the e-SIM Development Centre to over 300 professionals in the near future," said R. Mohan, President - Development Division, MphasiS-BFL.

In addition, MphasiS-BFL has supported e-SIM in launching site on AOL during December 1999 by providing the first batch of product simulations.

About e-Sim Ltd

e-SIM Ltd. is the leading provider of advanced simulation technology for wireless and electronic product design as well as Web-based solutions to the consumer electronics industry. e-SIM's proprietary simulation technology enables the distribution of electronic LiveProducts, "virtual products" that look and behave like real products, over the Internet or Intranet for web-based electronic commerce, interactive customer support and marketing. Using its proprietary technology, e-SIM will be launching its new Web service and portal site, featuring product simulations, animated walk-throughs of product features, and online user manuals.