BFL Software and NEC Milestone Partnership

Bangalore, April 13, 2000: BFL Software steps into the sixth year of a successful and complementary partnership with NEC, Australia. BFL Software has worked with NEC Australia from March 1995 on a re-engineering project for its telecommunication requirements and has grown into a dedicated offshore development team for NEC, based out of Bangalore. In 1999, NEC also awarded BFL Software the Award of Appreciation recognizing the quality of business partnership between the two companies.

Working on 'Key Telephone Systems' BFL Software developed 'Xen Telephone Systems', NDK - 9000 products and Pager Configuration Software. The pager configuration software links the pager to the PC and this software has been universally deployed. In addition, BFL Software has developed fonts for vernacular script (Devnagiri, Marathi and Gujarathi) pagers, which have been deployed across India.

" We have completed five years of a successful partnership with NEC which is a fairly long association in the industry. Our relationship has grown from execution of projects in the telecommunications area to being a dedicated offshore development team for NEC based out of Bangalore", said R.Mohan, President, Development, MphasiS-BFL. " We see ourselves as partners and look forward to a continued relationship with NEC Australia".

"The telecom project group of BFL Software has been working with us as an extension to our R&D resources. This partnership is a unique example of how an outsourcing model can work successfully over a long period," said Swee On Khoo, Assistant General Manager - PCOM and Mobile R&D Division, NEC Australia. "This business relationship truly reflects the company's ability to develop and maintain long term partnerships with its customers ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction."

About NEC A wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation Japan, NEC Australia designs, develops, manufactures, sells & services a complete range of computer and communication products.

Communication products include satellite earth stations, MobileSat network management stations, MobileSat terminals, point to point and point to multipoint digital microwave radios, FM broadcast transmitters, fiber optic transmission systems, pagers, mobile phones and quality business telephone systems. In short, NEC Australia provides total communications solutions.

BFL Software Ltd: BFL Software Limited was founded in 1992, and today has grown into a formidable and dependable solutions provider. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, BFL Software has built long-term relationships with clients, by delivering quality processed software solutions. The client base boasts a number of Fortune 500 organizations, each being world leaders in their respective fields.

BFL Software is an ISO 9000 certified company and has also been assessed at SEI CMMi Level 4.
BFL Software recently acquired the US based MphasiS Corporation, a global trendsetter in the area of Interactive Architects and eBusiness. This 'merger' uniquely positions the Company as an "Interactive Architect with Quality Capacity" for end-to-end eBusiness solutions, by leveraging the unique strengths of MphasiS' Interactive Architect capabilities, and BFL Software's high quality back-end capabilities. The focus of the MphasiS-BFL combine will now cover Media and Telecom, Finance, Retail and Supply Chain Management and Technology Companies.

The MphasiS-BFL combine has offices in over 18 locations worldwide that facilitate close interaction with its clients and has strength of over 1300 employees.