Actionable insights for better business decisions

In today's fast-paced 'multi-device' and 'multi-channel' world, information has also become 'multi-fold'. Analytics has been reported by almost all industries as a top spend area going into the next year. The reason is not difficult to ascertain - organizations are now looking to leverage their data for insights to improve key revenue and operating metrics.

Technology improvements in the form of better data visualization tools, easier analytics tools, a focus on predictive analytics and the ability to leverage structured, unstructured as well as 'Big Data' have all shown great promise

Across industries, there has been a drive towards unique and highly personal services and products leveraging information about individual customers, gathered from traditional and social media networks.

The advanced analytics market size is expected to grow from $4.3B to $7B in 2015 and will outpace Core Analytics business growth.

The Mphasis Advantage

Our analytics offering helps clients by providing the optimum mix of technology and domain knowledge. We offer proven solutions in conjunction with our technology and services partners. Our offering is divided into the areas of:

  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Information Management for Analytics
  • Information Convergence
  • Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics

In addition to these offerings, we have also:

  • Partnered with key product leaders to provide best in class next-gen services to our clients
  • Implemented the Information Convergence and Analytics (IC&A) solution for hospitality and retail clients
  • Implemented Claims Analytics for our Insurance clients