Information Convergence and Analytics (IC&A)

Our unique IC&A platform combines the power of an 'enterprise search' with the 'agile next-gen analytics' tools to provide easy-to-use analytics applications and business user-friendly dynamic self-service dashboards.

The IC&A platform helps you gain new insights from your existing multi-source, multi-structure data silos by providing a 'combined analytics of structured and unstructured data in the same window'. It also has big data connectors to help you effectively deal with big data challenges available within the IC&A platform.

Benefits of the IC&A Platform

Our IC&A platform helps you:

  • Collate the unstructured data hidden in social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.), internal e-mails, call center discussions, Voice of Customer surveys and various other sources to visualize it as meaningful customer sentiments
  • Correlate this hitherto unconnected and unstructured data with traditional business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) pertaining to sales, revenue, inventory, production, costs and investments, etc.
  • Analyze these data sets jointly in a single window by providing dynamic self-service and business user-friendly dashboards
  • Discover relationships and trends between these data silos to leverage them effectively to improve profitability, market segmentation, campaign effectiveness and accuracy as well as brand positioning, amongst other strategic/tactical business decisions

Areas Covered by Our IC&A Offerings

Our IC&A offerings cover these areas:

Assessment and Proof of Concept (PoC)

We help you understand and assess your information management and analytics issues. We also help you shortlist quick wins with higher business impact and provide appropriate reports and dashboards.

Implementation Services

Our end-to-end services range from consultative strategic roadmap planning to actual implementation and testing; and putting the final IC&A platform (or its chosen individual components) to production.

Managed Services

We provide the complete platform or respective product/component based 24x7-application management and support services with SLAs.

Agile BI Applications Services

We develop analytics application(s) or component(s) to integrate and/or complement your existing stack to help you experiment without a large investment exposure.