Mobility End-to-end Solutions

We understand the mobility domain with expertise in multiple products such as Apple, Blackberry, Android, WebOS, Symbian and business consulting. Our mobility offering is the perfect solution for organizations wanting to stay competitive in a dominating and growing mobility environment. We:

  • define trends on using mobility in various industries and offer customizations on a need basis;
  • deliver comprehensive and holistic solutions by working closely with the Mobile lab;
  • also offer usability experience, architecture, integration and development, support and maintenance and testing services.

Mobility Lab

  • End-to-end mobile application development with a comprehensive user experience design that focuses on optimum information and ease of navigation specific to users needs, for best possible usage
  • Experience in user research, interaction design, graphic design and web technologies to plan methodology engagements for a robust mobile user experience
  • Proven implementation experience of large and complex enterprise smart phone and tablet applications
  • Domain specific and "horizontal" cross-domain frameworks and reusable components to accelerate the mobile development process
  • Development of white label applications to address common mobile needs
  • Expertise in various device platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and others

®Progressive Iterative Mobile Methodology

Drawing from our significant accumulated experience in mobile delivery, we have developed a ®Progressive Iterative Mobile Methodology for mobile development. The methodology, based on principles of Education, Engagement, Iteration and Progression, provides these benefits:

  • Allows for sustained and trackable progress through iterations
  • Offers continuous engagement and education to stakeholders
  • Utilizes industry best practices throughout the entire methodology engagement
Mphasis Progressive Iterative Mobile Methodology

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Mobile Applications

  • A mobile application that enables a courier agent to track cargo booking/delivery status and search and select priority-booking options based on the customer's budget and convenience
  • An analytics application based on streaming data, enabling decision making based on real-time information
  • Mobile Test Automation services that enabled reduction in cost, increase in quality and decrease in the release cycle for a complete suite of B2C mobile applications built for varied mobile devices - OS versions and form factor combinations
  • A home automation application using mobile to device interaction based on the UPnP protocol
  • A high-end onboard fleet management system with Windows OS that tracks distance traveled, route taken, etc.