Financial Spreading

The ever-changing nature of financial regulations, credit policy updates and high cost of operations is forcing banks and financial institutions to increase process efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership. This is important to manage client portfolios and client relationships successfully as well as to monitor inputs and outputs to comply with regulatory requirements. Some of the major challenges that influence the smooth functioning of corporate banking operations are:

  • Non-standardized data collection
  • Disparate Credit analysis and risk ratings models
  • Inconsistent credit monitoring methods

Our industry-best credit analysis applications along with cost effective operations provide
"credit utility" for clients delivering financial spreading and credit analysis services. These applications help credit institutions improve the quality of the financial analysis process, reduce costs of credit appraisal, monitoring and improve overall efficiency.

Our Solutions

We provide the industry with a standard data collection method, accurate credit analysis and better risk management. We acknowledge these market demands and help organizations to:

  • Transform financial data from different sources into a standard and well-defined format
  • Reduce errors that arise during the interpretation of data
  • Support multi sector financial spreading
  • Store the financial data and other documents that support in spreading the data
  • Reduce complexity by implementing standardized risk scorecards and enabling credit rating decisions
  • Cover the country-set accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Easily integrate and update risk policies for better risk management
  • Create standardized reports for periodic monitoring and review
  • Lower turnaround time for audit and regulatory requirements

The Mphasis Advantage

With our expertise, we help save significant costs in financial spreading and credit analysis functions and realize these savings within 12 months with minimal risk to business continuity. Our association provides the following benefits:

  • Automation to the extent of 80% of spreads
  • Error reduction to 0.1%
  • An estimated saving of 80% of the spreading activity time based on preliminary results
  • 35-50% reduction in the number of resources
  • Resource optimization
  • Extended language capabilities up to 120 languages