Enhancing the Financial Planner Productivity
with Digital Pen

Financial advisors, planners and business development leaders are the key sales executives that engage with the bank's prospects and customers while on the move. The mobility and productivity enhancement solutions go a long way in improving the customer satisfaction levels and sales potential.

Frequent feedback from the bank's sales teams suggests that:

  • the sales process is paper intensive
  • the task of gathering customer information is laborious and time-consuming
  • sales teams experience errors while filling out forms and capturing data in the bank's systems
  • delays in data capturing leads to lower customer satisfaction as well as delayed processing of commissions

At Mphasis, we believe that:

While solutions are there for sending documents (such as fax, scans etc.); this only resolves part of the challenge

  • the application processing can be simplified
  • chances of errors creeping in can be reduced
  • compliance can be monitored

With the advice related fees and commissions being linked to customer signing up, the sales team wants to quickly reach a stage where the client agrees to a paid advice.

This is how the 'Digital Pen' solution works:

  • provides an alternative to mobile applications used by the sales team, such as iPad applications
  • transfers data over SSL
  • stores original information, with suitable audit trail and backups

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The Mphasis Advantage

  • Ensures straight-through processing of the applications
  • Solves data Issues at the time of entry
  • Ensures compliance with business rules
  • Kicks-off downstream application processing immediately enables faster processing of fees and commissions