Healthcare - Case Studies

Healthcare Portal for Members, Providers, Employer Group

Mphasis developed a Portal, which provides self service options to members, providers and employer groups. The portal comprises of rich functionality build using scalable architecture and usability engineering.

BI Analytics Strategy for a large Blue

Mphasis built a comprehensive Business Intelligence Strategy for a large Blue. The strategy outlined strategic and tactical initiatives to be undertaken by the client with high level details around technology, platform, resources and timelines.

EDI Changes for HIX

Mphasis conducted a detailed assessment of the changes required to the EDI environment for a large payer in order to integrate with the State health insurance exchange.

ICD 10 Remediation

Mphasis conducted a detailed ICD 10 impact assessment for a large Blue. Based on the impacts and gaps identified, Mphasis remediated the system to accommodate all the ICD related changes. Thorough testing was done to ensure the system is compliant with ICD-10 mandate.

Application for tracking patient data and transportation information

Mphasis developed an application for a leading ambulance provider in the US, which provided a flexible way for tracking the patient data and transportation information

Developed the entire CCIMS application to be run on Windows NT and Windows 2000

Mphasis ported the entire CCIMS (Critical Care Information Management System) application enhancing and modifying system features.