iNTELLi 10 Suite

Mphasis iNTELLi Suite is a comprehensive solution that helps HealthCare Insurance Payers and Providers assess the impact of the change on their business and create strategic roadmap for compliance either through complete remediation or through tactical approach. iNTELLi Suite comprises of best in class tools and frameworks addressing the end to end life cycle of the ICD 10 remediation process.

ICD 10 - iNTELLi 10 Suite

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iNTELLi Analyzer

A quick analysis framework to assess the impact to the business processes and IT application/systems due to the ICD-10 transition.

  • Three dimensional frameworks to assess impact on People, Process and Technology.
  • Weighted Average and Scoring mechanism to prioritize changes and assess risk involved in dealing with impacted systems.

iNTELLi Diagnoser

An automated crawler tool to thoroughly scan through the IT environment such as Applications, Databases, Web-pages, etc and identify the areas impacted due to ICD-10 transition.

  • Assesses impact to applications using bottom up, iterative, search driven approach
  • Technology agnostic tool supporting variety of technical platforms and architectures

iNTELLi Mapper

A Cross Walk Management tool specifically designed to meet the forward and backward mapping requirements of Healthcare Entities

  • Processing, Storage, Display and Maintenance of GEMs, Reimbursement and Client Defined Maps.
  • Processing of Inbound/Outbound and Internal Payer transactions for mapping decisions.
  • Supports forward mapping, backward mapping, reverse lookup and tabular index.
  • Mapping decisions based on ICD code frequency analysis.
  • Built-in intelligence to identify the most accurate and best match for a given ICD code based on clinical information.
  • Supports all type of transactions (Claims, Pre-Auth, etc) carrying an ICD code and requiring translation.
  • Reports for analysis of maps, mapping decisions and comparison between maps.
  • Works in both real time and batch mode.
  • Easily configurable and quick in integrating with any technical environment with ESB or non-ESB approach
  • Audit trail, Role based access and Security

iNTELLi Payout

A simulation and analysis tool to assess Payment Neutrality of claims reimbursement using DRG based pricing.

  • Ability to compare and analyze the impact of ICD Transition on DRG related pricing.
  • Detailed payment neutrality analysis using several critical parameters.
  • Supports volumetric analysis of historic claims data and identify reasons for payment inequality.

Test Accelerator (ICD 9-10 Testing, HIPAA 5010 Testing, Payer Testing)

A readymade set of easily customizable Test Scenarios and Test Cases to test the ICD-10/ HIPAA 5010 implementations and Payer applications.

  • Repository of Ready Test Scenarios for Healthcare Payer Testing, ICD 9-10 testing and HIPAA 5010 testing
  • Use of proven processes and best practices for testing
  • Testing by teams with strong domain experience
  • Maximized tool based testing

Key Benefits

  • Quick compliance with least possible changes to the IT environment.
  • Downstream applications can continue working with ICD-9 till they are completely remediated
  • Extremely easy to use due to Usability engineering techniques used for UI
  • Technology agnostic thus enabling integration/interfacing with any IT environment
  • Faster translation from ICD 10 to ICD 9 and vice versa
  • Complete automation for upload of CMS or Client Defined maps
  • Ability to work with different versions of the maps
  • Payment neutrality simulation and analysis to reduce adverse claims reimbursement impact
  • Extremely secured and highly configurable
  • Test Accelerator provides 90% Functional Coverage and overall 30% Cost Savings
  • Reduced risk from customer business continuity perspective