High quality patient care at optimal cost

360 degree view of complete hospital operations and work flows to help manage the hospital as an enterprise.


The healthcare industry is increasingly driven by the need for operational improvement, better quality of patient care, more regulations, better public health initiatives, and the availability of technology-based solutions. Healthcare Information Management (HIM) solutions are revolutionizing service delivery parameters in the healthcare segment. High quality patient care at optimal cost is a vital balance that hospitals need to achieve to ensure their success.

Mphasis mHygea is a web based integrated HIMS solution built on a single platform offering robust technology support in hospital, clinical and financial process capabilities.

Hygea is built on technologies that support robust and rich internet applications, highly interactive and responsive web applications. Its unified programing model helps in rapidly building service-oriented applications that communicates across the web, enterprise and dynamic web applications.

mHygea solution is packaged in three versions to meet the healthcare delivery needs of a wide range of providers - from small and mid-sized hospitals to tertiary and speciality care centers. mHygea suite is built on a scalable and modular framework and can be easily customized to meet the unique service requirements of each hospital. Each version meets specific business needs and care providers can choose the best version and scale it up with the innumerable optional support functions available.

MHygea Lite caters to the automation needs of small and mid-sized hospitals. This includes front-office billing, collection and refund , organising pharmacy and patient centric clinical information.

MHygea Professional comprises the Lite version modules, and includes enhanced features of billing, collection and refund, stores and procurement and basic financial modules to meet the needs of mid-sized hospitals.

MHygea Enterprise comprises the professional version modules, and provides a complete suite of revenue cycle management, material management, financial management, tax modules and asset management to meet the enterprise level needs of medium to large size hospitals.

Optional Modules: Additional features can be incorporated using support modules or built- to- requirement to cater to unique requirements of the hospital . The support modules include functionalities in CSSD, diet & kitchen, laundry & linen, blood bank, housekeeping, patient relationship, HR, asset management, and roster.

mHygea Features

  • Modular, multi-layered and multi-tiered HIMS architecture.
  • Highly scalable in terms of number of users and patient load.
  • Supports multiple databases.
  • Integrates with external applications and devices.
  • Supports clustering that ensures redundancy and availability.
  • Multi-choice deployment options and implementation methodologies.
  • Highly configurable and customizable.

Benefits of mHygea

  • Convergence of IT, clinical processes, healthcare international standards and business processes into an integrated solution.
  • Workflow improvement and enhanced efficiency levels of hospital staff.
  • Reduced patient turnaround time resulting in increased revenues.
  • Transparent processes critical to meeting medico-legal requirements; e.g., maintaining patient records.
  • Easy access to patient's diagnostic and medical records.
  • Enhanced comfort levels for doctors to check and compare a patient's past record with current ones on their desktops.
  • Enables a paperless digital hospital.
  • Quicker OPD transactions and discharge time.
  • Improved patient satisfaction through efficient processes.
  • Reduced medical errors.
  • EMRD for patient data storage and retrieval.
  • Track the seepage of revenues that occur due to inventory costs, pilferage, etc.
  • Better manpower utilization with more accountability, efficient workflow and sophisticated features for nurse activities.