Support for a global Shipping and Logistics Company

Our team was involved in the entire lifecycle of business requirements - gathering and analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance support (Level 1 & Level 2 / 24x7) for a global shipping and logistics company.

We developed a generalized framework based on TIBCO BW to automate the clearance workflow with an in-house workflow and Business Rule Engine.

  • Handles daily processing volumes of 350,000+ shipments, 175,000+ documents, and 1,300,000 scans & further scalable to cater to high volume demands
  • The program was a marquee achievement for the customer Design and development of a data distribution hub based on TIBCO with 50+ mission critical applications in a de-coupled hub-spoke and publish/subscribe Model
    • Processing 1,000,000 shipment messages,12,000,000 scans on a non-peak day at a transactionprocessing rate of 800 transaction per second.
  • A single clearance platform for 12 EU countries - the solution replaced different legacy applications working indifferent operating environments, and interacted with various internal and external systems to provide clearance related updates
    • Reduced the "turnaround-time" for shipmentdelivery
    • Increased RoI on current IT investments
    • Easy adoptability to t local business and regulatory requirement and provides accurate information while submitting shipments to customs
  • Provides near real-time data to downstream systems and eliminates data inconsistency between central and regional systems