In the Spotlight

Today’s consumer is moving from content on-demand to content on-the-move and is challenging established business models. Firms which have addressed effective content retrieval, management and distribution from and through multiple options are the trend setters. The emergence of social media as a major channel for content generation, delivery, and consumption has only added to the bouquet of mediums, a firm has to operate in. New approaches are needed not only for technology development but for creating new business/revenue opportunities.

With our industry experience and expertise in media entertainment, we can help transform the companies in this segment by aligning them with emerging business models, changing consumer behavior, evolving technologies and competition.

Mphasis Media & Entertainment Offerings

The segments that we operate in Media & Entertainment include:


The shift from print to digital and single platform delivery to multi platform delivery has made the Publishing industry very dynamic and agile. Our Enterprise Content Management and Digital Asset Management services provide efficient information retrieval, analysis and distribution. This in turn helps clients monetize their content. Our User Experience service provides enhanced value for the end consumer by optimizing content across multiple channels, devices, browsers, and languages. Our Information Analytics services provide in-depth and optimized customer analytics leading to better customer insight and hence better targeting of content.


Advertisers struggle to gain consumer attention while advertising their products and services with a plethora of options in front of them. The journey begins by understanding how the customers purchase products and services from the market place. We help advertisers in this process through our multi-channel Ad Analytics services. Our Ad-Decisioning Optimization services help advertisers automate the process of deciding which ad needs to be sent to which consumer for maximum impact. Our Ad Delivery services help them deliver the right advertisement to the right person at the right time on the right device.

Information Services and Market Research

There are limitless sources of information available to firms providing Information Services and Market Research. Making sense of this makes the playing field much different to the conditions a decade ago. With our Media Monitoring services and capabilities in unstructured data management, firms can extract value from a plethora of information sources including social media and produce winning deliverables for their clients. Our Content Distribution services help firms manage and deliver content to clients in the most optimal and engaging formats.


The consumer has become the king in entertainment with a multitude of options to access services – mobile, TV, online, tablets, etc. They quickly shift from one entertainment channel to another. They demand more information before choosing an entertainment service and always stay connected. We help entertainment providers in giving a world class experience to their consumers. With our multi-channel analytics services, companies can understand the tastes of consumers across different channels. Our Content Management services for entertainment providers make content management easier and help content optimization across multiple formats and platforms. We help firms in making both their internal processes and interactions with their vendors and customers efficient with our Business Process Management services suited to the entertainment sector.

Our Service Offerings


  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • User Experience
  • Information Analytics


  • Multi channel Ad Analytics
  • Ad Decisioning Optimization
  • Ad Delivery Services

Information Services & Market Research

  • Media Monitoring
  • Un-structured Data Management
  • Content Distribution Services


  • Multi Channel Analytics
  • Content Management Services
  • Business Process Management

The Mphasis Advantage

Our key value proposition for this industry is:

  • We bring more than 10 years of expertise in leading vendor products in the Media & Entertainment sector
  • Alignment towards new age technology trends such as Mobility, Social Media, and Analytics which are driving the market
  • Methodologies and best practices knowledge repository with the experience gained from multiple large implementations undertaken for our clients. This ensures best in class solution for the client
  • Deep experience in project/program delivery using agile methodologies