Companies today compete with each other for gaining consumer attention while advertising their products or services. Capturing consumer related data and analyzing it becomes essential and critical. This is a daunting task since the information sources have grown exponentially in volume and variety and have become complex, with unstructured data. Such analysis helps in coming up with the right messaging and helps in segmenting, targeting and positioning the company's products and services.

Simultaneously, challenges of decreasing growth of digital advertisement continue, such as excess advertising space, rise of electronic advertising exchanges, selling advertisements at cheap prices, and weak global economy that all call for innovative solutions offerings.

Mphasis is rightly positioned to help advertisers come out of these challenges successfully. Mphasis can help:

  • Advertisers reach the right audience
  • Deliver the right advertisement, to the right person, at the right time
  • Increase campaign performance
  • Decrease cost for advertisers

Our Offerings

Mphasis offerings in the advertising space include the following:

  • Multi-channel advertisement analytics
  • Ad-decisioning optimization
  • Ad delivery services

The Mphasis Advantage

Mphasis brings to the table:

  • Expertise in multiple vendor products for analytics which helps in quick implementation and efficient resource utilization
  • Close collaboration between various allied technology practices