The shift from print to digital media and single platform delivery to multi-platform delivery has made the publishing industry dynamic and agile resulting in changing revenue models. Multi-platform operation is no longer an option, but has become an imperative. There is an on-demand and on-the-go demand for content, which puts the customer into the centre stage.

The 3 fundamental drivers of the publishing industry today can be thought of as - Digital Consumer, Digital Monetization, and Digital Supply Chain.

These developments have led to 3 primary challenges that publishing firms must tackle :

  • Dealing with complexity - In the age of limitless sources of information, efficient information retrieval and analysis, especially that of unstructured information holds the key in monetizing content.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction - There is a need to provide enhanced value for the consumer by optimizing content across multiple channels, devices, browsers and languages. Customer insights are mandatory for monetization of content. In-depth and optimized customer analytics leads to better customer insight and hence better targeting of content.
  • Embracing technological changes - Staying abreast of technological changes is essential for keeping competition at bay. Firms must be ready to provide services to new platforms, new formats, or new channels.

Mphasis offers services to publishing firms to tackle these challenges.

Our Offerings

Mphasis Offerings in the Publishing space include the following:

  • Enterprise Content Management Services
    • Web Content Management
    • Business Process Automation
    • Campaign Management
    • Document Management & Collaboration
  • Digital Asset Management Services
  • User Experience Services
  • Information Analytics Services

The Mphasis Advantage

Mphasis brings to the table:

  • Proven Expertise - Mphasis has been in this space for the past 10 years having expertise with leading vendor products.
  • Unique Blend of Skills - Mphasis has strong architectural skills with deep hands-on expertise in CMS products as well as other components (such as portals, search, security, integration, etc.) that need to be integrated in a solution.
  • Vendor Alliances - Mphasis is a strategic partner to Autonomy, which has products and solutions in Web Content Management, Business Process Automation, Campaign Management, Document Management etc.