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A sneak peek into some of our on-going projects

  • Influencer Identification in Social Networks

    Social Network Analysis (SNA) relates to mapping, understanding, analyzing and measuring interactions across a network of people. Social networks, both formal as well as informal can foster knowledge sharing among participants. This project will explore optimum models to identify influencers in Social Networks.

  • Topological Customer Segmentation and Visualization

    One key problem faced by companies is – how to segment and create a unique and comprehensive view of the customer and customer groups, so that they can target them by positioning the right products and services. This is complicated due to the scale of the enterprise and public customer data. This project will involve large scale data analytics with the objective of better customer segmentation, targeting and positioning.

  • Visualizing Temporal Big Data

    As networks become larger and more complex, reasoning about temporal dynamics via simple statistics is cumbersome, and not very intuitive. Visualization provides a natural way to summarize the information in order to make it much easier to understand. Recent years have witnessed a convergence of big data analytics and visualization, coupled with interaction that is changing the way analysts understand and characterize patterns.

  • Predicting Customer Churn

    There are several interesting possibilities with respect to customer churn by combining channel data, sales analytics, and loyalty programs data. Possible areas to explore will be with regard to evolution of customers purchase patterns, mobility patterns, predicting attrition possibilities, churn predication etc. The project aims to understand customer churn to better, better prediction and improved product strategies.

  • Predicting Infrastructure Failures

    The project consists of identifying and predicting key incidences leading to a major failure in infrastructure, optimizing networks and enhancing end-user experience. This includes predictive maintenance by intelligent infrastructure analytics-based insights for servers, network devices, M2M, IoT, vehicles, industrial equipment, etc. Techniques and algorithms are based on advanced pattern recognition, predictive modelling, machine learning and statistical forecasting.

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