Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing

A primer on Natural Language Processing techniques using Deep Learning : From feature extraction from text to applying concepts like RNN, CNN, LSTM

Cognitive Computing and Big Data to Measure Organization reputation

Use of data science and stakeholder approach to remove subjectivity and thus quantify organization reputation

Big Data Variety and Veracity: Data awareness and quality perspective

Understanding the implications of variety in Big data while collating and managing multichannel data

Email Analytics for Customer Experience

Insights from email communication - internal and external to an organization can unlock communication patterns to enhance customer experience

Social Network Analytics for Fraud Detection

Using advanced graph and network theory to identify fraud

Insurance Telematics Analytics

Telematics gives Insurers an unprecedented level of insight and comfort with regard to risk control, while delivering benefits as lower premiums to consumers who are prepared to take the step.

Insurance Futures: Digitizing Value Network Insights

For insurers, competitive advantage will be determined by their ability to adopt and exploit advanced analytics techniques, and their decision to institutionalise insights-based decision making as part of their organisational fabric.

Measuring Organization And Brand Reputation Through Social Media

Mphasis leverages critical discourse analysis and cognitive computing to identify engagement and tone.

Cognitive Computing And Implications For BFSI

CC systems can derive psychographic profiles for each customer based on the Big Five personality traits Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

Intelligent Infrastructure Analytics

Intelligence infrastructure saves direct dollars by running smarter analytics to manage IT infrastructure and support business operations. It also enhances customer experience by reducing device/system failures.

Social Streaming Analytics Of Multi-structured Data

The greatest business value that social media provides is in making sense of unstructured data and gaining actionable insights into customers, trends, and other valuable details.


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