HyperGraf is an Omni-channel Digital 360° solution that transforms enterprise decision making by providing the most comprehensive, accurate, real-time and actionable Customer Engagement Insights across millions of data points spread over multiple customer engagement channels.

What is HyperGraf?

HyperGraf is a comprehensive, feature-rich business intelligence and analytics solution HyperGraf generates actionable insights by bridging the gap between enterprise data and external and third party data such as social media, credit scores, open data and other multi-media datasets. HyperGraf is cloud based, incorporates in-depth domain expertise, is flexible and customizable. HyperGraf is offered as a Platform as a service based low cost solution with no upfront investments and pay as you go based pricing. The base solution is a suite with key features, functionalities and algorithms. Custom features and algorithms can be built on top of this based on unique scenarios.

How does HyperGraf work?

HyperGraf is a Big Data correlation engine that generates Customer 360° insights by correlating data from multiple internal and external customer touch points, as well as open data.

HyperGraf Brochure

Core functionalities of HyperGraf

HyperGraf is a comprehensive, feature-rich business intelligence and analytics tool. Its functionalities can be classified under six major categories:

Omni-channel intelligence

HyperGraf helps improve product targeting and feedback flow across channels by enabling you to identify key influencers and detractors and assigning channel specific NPS scores. HyperGraf uses advanced analytics methods including social network analytics, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to provide comprehensive, accurate and actionable insights across data silos

Enterprise risk intelligence

With HyperGraf, you can monitor, identify and respond to critical issues and product/service outages almost instantly, thereby helping you to safeguard organizational reputation and company goodwill. You can also monitor the emergence of risky sub-groups in your network.

Geospatial and location analysis

HyperGraf’s location analytics algorithms empowers you with geospatial analytics and visualizations of your target audience across data-points such as customer demographics, lifestyle data, branch proximity analytics, social media concentration etc.

Customer 360°

HyperGraf’s enhanced customer profiling module assists you to create hyper-personalized experiences for your customers and create tailor-made digital campaigns.

Lead generation

HyperGraf, with its intelligent scoring feature for leads, helps in identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities thereby making it the perfect tool for sales alignment, and creation of tight marketing campaigns.

Enterprise brand intelligence

With HyperGraf, you can organize and execute effective social media campaigns as it aids you in identifying and connecting with brand advocates and detractors.

Industry specific functionalities of HyperGraf
Robo-advisor for Banking & Capital Markets

HyperGraf’s robo advisor analyses data from KYC records, investment questionnaire responses, life goals, psychographic profiling based on customer interaction data of the customer and customer groups as evolving graph structures based on life events driven social interactions over time.

Brand Campaign Velocity measurement for Retail & FMCG

Velocity is a measure of how quickly the information is spreading. Velocity measurements are very useful, especially when there is a targeted marketing campaign.

Risk Monitoring for Global Supply Chains

HyperGraf helps globally distributed organisations to monitor global risk patterns and understand what is happening around the world. Advanced risk alerts can be created in HyperGraf based on event evolution.

Loss Control Automation for Insurance

HyperGraf helps Insurers to monitor global event patterns and understand what is happening around the world. It enables real time engagement with customers before a loss event occur or during the loss event by providing personalized analysis of individual risk exposure of insured. It combines organizational and external data to generate insights and relevant recommendations.