InfraGraf is an intelligent infrastructure automation platform that optimizes enterprise technology infrastructure investments.

What is InfraGraf?

InfraGraf is a Big Data complex event processing engine which enables enterprises to innovate and make strategic decisions regarding their technology infrastructure through actionable insights by correlation and causation analysis structured and unstructured data.

How does InfraGraf work?

InfraGraf models enterprise technology infrastructure as complex systems consisting of interconnected servers, network devices, internet of things, industrial equipment etc. The powerful machine learning and graph theory based algorithms built into the platform identifies and predicts stand-alone as well as chain of events and incidents which could be related to system warnings, failures, outages, performance, availability and sub-optimal performances.

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Core functionalitites of InfraGraf

Device health prediction

InfraGraf provides early warning system for device and component failure. It also Identifies inter dependencies, cascading and ripple effect between them.

Spare part inventory management

InfraGraf predicts inventory requirement at each and every location to reduce costly downtime and optimized inventory.

Storage management

InfraGraf optimizes on premise and virtual server capacity. It predicts the demand and suggest when enterprises need to go on cloud or extend the virtual capacity.

Root cause analysis

InfraGraf generates root cause analysis of incidences, failure and performance with the help of errors, logs, bandwidth and tickets. It provides drill down geo spatial analysis.


InfraGraf prediction model helps enterprises to optimized maintenance schedule, service downtime and respective resource planning.

Service contracts

InfraGraf redesigns the vendor SLA and insurance contracts on the basis of business priorities and device health index for optimized cost.

Incidence management

InfraGraf incidence management platform offers Intelligent ticket routing, in depth incidence analysis and SLA breach reporting.

Self heal

InfraGraf not only identifies the defects but it automates the repeatable tasks with respect to monitoring and resolution.

Optimal network design

Redesigning the network to optimize performance by monitoring and predicting redundancies and Errors.

InfraGraf® Use-Cases and Benefits

Device Health Prediction

Overview: Eliminate IT Infrastructure downtime.

Cost of downtime caused by infrastructure failure is $5600/minute or more. In addition to this it leads to unhappy customers and a loss of productivity. InfraGraf identifies & predicts key incidences leading to major failures in IT infrastructure

Enterprise challanges
  • Provide device failure predictions
  • Proactive health prediction of technology infrastructure
  • Reduce downtime, cost & effort
InfraGraf Solution
  • Big Data analytics of historical failure trends from structured and unstructured log data
  • Proprietary algorithms based on pattern recognition, predictive modeling, machine learning and statistical forecasting
  • Improved network health
  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Decreased cost
  • Provides effective early warning
  • Provide near real-time device failure prediction

InfraGraf® Use-Cases and Benefits

Complex Interdependency Analytics

Overview: Conduct complex interdependency analytics for more accurate prediction.

Enterprise technology infrastructures are complex systems where multiple systems, devices and sensors are connected to each other. 80% of development funds are spent identifying and fixing defects. These interdependencies lead to cascading effects in the system. InfraGraf identifies error dependencies between system components and predicts sequence of events between affected systems to prevent interconnected failures.

Enterprise challanges
  • Provide device interdependencies
  • Predict cascading effect
InfraGraf Solution
  • Big Data analytics of complex interdependencies and error trends in technology infrastructure
  • Proprietary algorithms based on complex systems analysis, graph theory, pattern recognition, and machine learning to identify sequence of events
  • Predict ripple effect between devices
  • Reduce interdependent failures
  • Control contagion failure effect

InfraGraf® Use-Cases and Benefits

Root Cause Analysis

Overview: Undertake Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the cause of failures.

More than 80% of the time is spent on isolating and diagnosing problems. InfraGraf facilitates in reducing this time through Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or failure investigation. This helps service engineers to identify the reason for breakdown and take corrective actions at the earliest.

Enterprise challanges
  • Ability to find cause of a failure in quick turn around time
  • Monitoring of device health in real time
InfraGraf Solution
  • InfraGraf’s robust, scalable and effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) module identifies the correlation within and between devices to identify causal effects
  • Correlates events across time, error criticality and between devices
  • Easy identification of root cause and faster corrective actions
  • Intuitive and easy to use end user dashboard
  • Customized role and access control specific views for users

InfraGraf® Use-Cases and Benefits

Incidence Management

Overview: Optimise Infrastructure incidence management.

InfraGraf facilitates efficient incidence management through ticket and resource prediction automated ticket logging, resolution and analysis

Enterprise challanges
  • Improve ability to manage and prevent incidents
  • Reduce turnaround time for incidence resolution
  • Better understanding of long standing or recurrent issues
  • Optimize SLA requirements

InfraGraf Solution
  • Identify standard issues and map their resolution flow
  • Analyze past incident flows for intelligent ticket routing
  • Dashboards and metrics for past incident analysis, SLA adherence and corrective actions
  • Smart ticket management through intelligent routing and automated resolution
  • Preventive capabilities for incident management
  • Reduction in number of incidents and SLA performance improvement

InfraGraf® Use-Cases and Benefits

Storage / Capacity Management

Overview: Predict business needs and optimize costs.

Based on a research Upto 30% of servers are comatose and no longer needed, which could lead to lowering infrastructure and maintenance costs. Based on historical analysis and pattern matching, InfraGraf predicts the demand and makes recommendations as to when enterprises need to go on cloud or extend or reduce the virtual capacity for optimized cost.

Enterprise challanges
  • How much storage is required for future requirements
  • How much optimization is possible with current storage
  • When and how long to go to cloud
  • Various options for cost reduction
InfraGraf Solution
  • Analyze current storage
  • Forecast future demand and resources
  • Suggest optimum use of in premise and cloud combination for optimized cost

  • Suggest storage demand for next 6 months
  • Optimized resources
  • Eliminate wastes