Solutions and services to address insurance business challenges

While the US economy has caused a reduction in insurance premiums, there are some signs that the Property & Casualty or General Insurance market is improving. Recent reports of hardening prices indicate that insurers are starting to rebound from what has been and will continue to be a challenging market place.

Insurers are looking for ways to improve the core functions of underwriting and claims processing while addressing issues with time-to-market for new and innovative insurance products. Analytics and Mobility solutions offer insurers insights into their business in real-time. The insights into the information on underwriting and claims is improving at a rapid pace and helping insurers determine the best business to write and the best way to settle claims.

Mphasis provides solutions and services that help insurers address some of the most difficult business challenges. From distribution to underwriting, billing to claims, policy administration to asset management, Mphasis is focused on helping insurers meet the needs of their policy holders and distribution partners.