Information Convergence and Analytics

Organizations across the world are grappling with data overload and the challenge of converting these data silos into actionable insights helps in decision-making. Data is available as:

  • Structured info (business applications data including customer, sales, inventory, costs, supply chain, etc.)
  • Semi structured info (e-mails, documents, brochures, catalogs, etc.)
  • Unstructured info (customer sentiments, social media, blogs, reviews and call center interactions)

Information Convergence and Analytics (IC&A) is a unique capability offering by Mphasis, which enables organizations to meaningfully correlate and analyze ever-increasing data from disparate sources so as to help businesses in making decisions and achieve business results.

Here is an illustration of our IC&A Framework.

IC&A Framework

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Our Customers have experienced benefits by using our IC&A Framework such as:

  • Unify information access and create easy-to-use dynamic applications and dashboards
  • Gain control of your information needs and help you discover, explore and analyze all kinds of information within the enterprise
  • Build meaningful business insights, cut costs, increase competitiveness and drive revenue